The results of "The Volunteering Center of Tîrgu Frumos" project

The Volunteering Center of Tîrgu Frumos had an important impact on the development of Tîrgu Frumos and the rural areas. During the 13 months of implementation (1 April 2015 - 30 April 2016), 2 volunteer centers were arranged in two public institutions, more than 120 active volunteers were trained and over 370 events (meetings, seminars, actions, activities, performances, programs, projects), which have involved over 6,263 beneficiaries (44% from rural areas), were organized. 

Considering these data, on average, a volunteer of the project, organized 3 events with approx. 17 participants. The centers focused on different target groups and helped the project to develop stronger partnerships with different public institutions, which contributed to the cultural development of the community, to the promotion of active citizenship, to the inclusion of more beneficiaries from vulnerable groups and it developed the capacity of the organization.

At the moment, in June 2016, the volunteering centers still exist and there are more than 20 active volunteers, who devote to volunteer activities, at least 3 hours a day and in the same time, the number of those willing to become volunteers is growing. 

The project increased the work quality of volunteers, most active volunteers have acquired managerial skills, developed their sense of initiative, are more responsible and prepared to become youth workers, to contribute to the development of the organization and the community.

In the last 3 months of the project, we developed two training camps for the most active volunteers of the Volunteering Center of Tîrgu Frumos. 34 young people developed their entrepreneurial skills, created 5 follow-up projects and the organization's strategy for the next 5 years. Also, the Volunteering Center of Tîrgu Frumos has contributed to the development of two international projects. In July and August, we will share our work with 45 young people from 9 countries. Based on our strategy, for the coming years, one of our priorities will be the actions and projects dedicated to environmental protection.

The Volunteering Center of Tîrgu Frumos led to diversification of the inter-institutional partnerships, we organized volunteering activities with all schools of Tirgu Frumos, with organizations and institutions from rural areas, with cultural institutions and local governments.

The Volunteering Center of Tîrgu Frumos was funded by EEA Grants 2009-2014, within the NGO Funds of Romania. The project budget was 38 928 euro, 4 000 euro were cofinanced by SUPER TINERI Association. 


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