Arts Lab 3.0: Demet Durdu - First snow

The first snow of the year fell in December. At first, it looked like a postcard everywhere. It was very nice, it gave you a good feeling to have your coffee and look at the snow by the window. But things changed when I went out. In some places, the snow reached my knees and I was very surprised. Then I thought, how will I live if this happens all the time? Fortunately, the snow melted, the sun came out and I started to feel better. December has been exciting for us. Christmas and New Year excitement. We drew the lottery and everyone bought presents for each other. I was working in the ceramic studio that day and I was covered in dust. We gathered at the youth center to give each other presents. First, a very moving video was made for Krista. I was so excited about Krista's video that I couldn't help but shed tears. My secret Santa was Leire and when I found out, I had the shock of my life. I did not expect it. She made a collage of 600 photos that we took together and share th

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