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Nothing can stop true motivation

Sunday, February 16, 2020

“I don’t want a goodbye party because I want to continue the activities here” said Nikolia some time ago, when she finished her EVS (European Volunteering Service currently named European Solidarity Corps) project of one year. And she did, because she has found a home in Romania, in Târgu Frumos. Nikolia came from Greece in an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange in 2018 called Rroma HeArt and she fell in love with Romania, the activities that we were doing at the Youth Center and the Super Tineri organisation. So she decided that she needs to escape her ordinary life and do something new, that would fulfill her soul and would help her grow both personally and professionally.

Back in Greece, Nikolia was unemployed and she says that she couldn’t find a job that she liked. She has been a volunteer in a youth center in Ioannina and the Red Cross, but she confessed that nothing was like the experience from Romania: “In one year I did completely new things than in my previous life”. She came with an open mind here, to experience what is a youth worker, to become a facilitator and to try project writing, so under Building Bridges project funded by Erasmus+, Nikolia had the opportunity to evolve and get knowledge about this new field that she was about to discover.

“I learnt that I love to do activities with children, I love to speak in public and I don’t feel ashamed, I feel more courageous!” says the Greek girl with a big smile on her face. Whenever you meet Nikolia, she will have this huge happy smile almost like printed on her lips, that can make your fears and insecurities disappear. Maybe it grew naturally, after all the projects that she has done among young people and activities where youngsters participated as well as students from “Petru Rareș”, “Cucuteni” and “Trinitas” schools.

When asked about the most important projects done, Nikolia giggles and says they were too many, but she recalls "Fapte Bune", Cucuteni campaign and Sports Activator, among many others. Nikolia is 30 years old and she wasn’t afraid to change her life completely, even if she comes from a different environment, she says that here is a safe place to experiment, where you won’t harm yourself doing different types of activities and discovering what you like. “I found out new things I didn’t know I have” she answers, because Nikolia didn’t have any major plans and she took things as they came, accepting the changes happening in her life with optimism.

In Romania, Nikolia got impressed by the culture, the fact that people are very close to nature, and they are very friendly to foreigners. She came for the first time in August and the weather was very hot, which contributed to creating a feeling of safety similar to what she had back home. “I learnt to try to fit” she says pointing out that it’s not so difficult nor different to live in Romania. Even if she doesn’t have the Greek yogurt, the homemade bread and the specific milk from Greece, she has found here something different that impressed her, like our typical “căruțe, Cucuteni culture and papanași” which she still struggles to pronounce correctly.

Even though sometimes it’s difficult for her to communicate, the body language was a real help, so nothing was actually a barrier for Nikolia to continue and to find more. She even has a piece of advice for the young people in Târgu Frumos: “Don’t rush to grow up, fight here, for your education, for your rights here!”

Now, Nikolia is studying at “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iași, proving that age, differences, culture or language can never stop you from pursuing your dreams. All it takes is the initiative to get out of your comfort zone and to do something new, that you maybe never imagined experiencing at all. That’s the turning point from where you can get pretty amazing memories, that will help build other incredible memories which will definitely be the base of an adventurous life.

Interview by Ioana Ursache

Building Bridges is a EVS project funded by Erasmus+, with the support of European Union.  

Testimonial: Process of Changes

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Yeliz, one of our partners, asked us few weeks ago if we can recommend one of our youth-workers to attend an Erasmus+ training course in Poland. We shared the Infopack of "Process Of Changes" project in our group and Florin Păduraru, who has 5 years since he started coming to our youth center, said yes! Last days he came back from the mobility and he shared with us that this course changed his life, in a way that he realized his biggest dream is to work in a NGO. More about the learning experience, in his testimonial. 

Every project that I was part of, changed something in me and made me a better person but the time spent in Jaworowy Dom helped me realize all of the changes that occurred in the past years in my life and also made me aware that I'm so much different than the person I was thinking I am.

When I was heading for Poland I didn't know that such a big impact is heading towards my life.

To be honest the first thought that came to my mind when I first saw the topic, eight days project about teamwork, was boredom and when I arrived in Jaworowy Dom I became more skeptical, a building in the forest far away from cities and shops, six beds dormitory, an internet that wasn't working properly... but I was soon to realize that we were there for another kind of connection.

The amount of work Urszula, Romy and Alexandra put in this project combined with an amazing group of participants made it a masterpiece. It never crossed my mind that in only eight days a person can learn so many things and can see his/her character turned upside down, I still can't find the right words to describe this experience but I encourage everyone to be crazy from time to time, to try different things and to risk because without risks there is no self-development and of course, no fun.

Testimonial by Florin Păduraru

Volunteers Assignment: Case Study

Sunday, February 2, 2020


ASIRYS organisation is a non-profit and non-political organization, established in 2009 in Romania, that aims to develop communities through active participation, volunteering, cultural and non-formal education. The vision of ASIRYS is to engage citizens, especially youth, in order to develop them into leaders of positive and sustainable change for their communities.

The organization runs mostly based on volunteering work. The most active years of the organization were in 2015-2016 when they managed to engage in one year, 120 volunteers that organized 360 educational events involving 6.000 beneficiaries from all the county of Iaşi, and 2018-2019, when the organisation coordinated 5 different and complex projects that involved 32 international volunteers, 20 local volunteers and more than 10.000 beneficiaries from 20 small communities.

70% of the volunteers and beneficiaries are coming from rural area, the organisation works in general with children and youth (6 to 35 years old), but lately more and more teachers and artists are interested to get involved.

The budget of organization is coming 97% from European funds. The other 3% of funds are coming from fundraising campaigns: the volunteers are attending festivals where they provide face-painting, souvenirs and sugar cotton candy for one euro donation.

ASIRYS works very well with the local schools, 2 universities in Iaşi and 5 municipalities from the close-by villages, open to host and provide local resources to implement youth projects.

Most of the citizens of Târgu Frumos heard about the association and many youth and teachers of the town went to youth exchanges and training abroad, as the organization was partner in more than 250 YiA/Erasmus plus projects. Despite this, as the previous generation of local volunteers left the town for university or jobs or they work abroad, currently there are only 7 active volunteers involved in the association. Therefore it is necessary to engage new local volunteers and/or find ways to re-engage the old one. There is also a big local challenge as some adults influence the children and the youth by telling them “volunteering is a waste of time”.

In 2020, after a big financial effort, the association will open a new youth center that aims:

1. To educate youth to be active citizens and to support their personal and professional development by providing a variety of free activities in the field of arts, entrepreneurship, sports, sustainability etc.

2. To engage local community in volunteering, cultural and artistic events.

3. To become a community development hub: A.C.T. House.

4. To raise funds for the organization projects by developing different services: coffee place, training courses, teambuilding for companies, project writing.


You received a grant from European Union to help ASIRYS team to face the challenges and to increase the impact of non-formal education in local community. There are available different resources: 285 sq. office, board-games, books, video projector, sport equipment, office/training supplies, 3 laptops, different schools rooms and resources provided by the local partners etc.

You have 8 months to help the local community using solidarity and educational activities.

Describe your strategy. Define the methodology of the first workshop you will do with local youth. Be open, but specific. There are not wrong answers, but you need to fit in the local context. Think to your well-being as well and include your learning objectives.

Old youth center

New youth center

Apel selecţie participanţi mobilitate în Polonia

Friday, January 17, 2020

În perioada 23 februrie - 2 martie 2020, invităm 3 profesori sau lucrători de tineret activi să participe la seminarul finanţat de programul Erasmus+ "nEU – New Europe, New Challenges". Mobilitatea reprezintă o oportunitate de a împărtăşi informaţii şi bune practici despre cetăţenia activă la nivel european, fiind implicate 8 ţări, şi va contribui la dezvoltarea personală şi profesională a participanţilor. 

Mai multe detalii despre proiect, găsiţi în infopack-ul de mai jos. Toate costurile sunt acoperite de programul Erasmus+, transportul fiind rambursat în mobilitate, pe baza documentelor de călătorie. De asemenea, asociaţia noastră nu solicită niciun fel de taxe de la participanţii pe care îi trimite în mobilităţi. 

Pentru înscriere, vă rugăm să ne trimiteţi un email la adresa, cu un articol despre ce reprezintă Europa şi cetăţenia activă în comunitatea dvs., ataşând o fotografie de la activităţile dvs. cu elevii/ beneficiarii/ grupurile cu care lucraţi. Termen limită 25.01.2020.  

Call for Arts Lab 2.0. volunteers

Friday, January 3, 2020

We are looking for 4 1 volunteer, aged between 18 and 30, from European Union countries, to be part of 8-month European Solidarity Corps volunteering mobility, in Tîrgu Frumos, Iaşi, Romania. The project is addressing youth passionate about crafting, film, dance, painting, music, photography, cooking, theater and/or other artistic or cultural activities.

The topics of the project are social inclusion, cultural heritage, creativity and culture. The volunteering activities will be diverse and involve the development of social, intercultural, civic and entrepreneurial skills and competences. Some of the activities that the 4 volunteers will carry out are:

Youth center workshops & Events: You will develop your own workshops, events and activities based on your passions, ideas, learning needs, for the youth of local community. 

Conference & Folcloristica Festival: Organized in March 2020, the conference will gather 30 youth workers, active volunteers and teachers from north-east Romania. Folcloristica festival is an annual event that promotes folklore and traditions of Romania using creative methodologies. You will help to organize these events, sharing your own experience and cultural heritage with the participants. 

Arts Lab in Schools: You will create a non-formal program for children 10 to 14 years old (e.g. chess club, photo lab, ballet workshop, sports games, cooking team etc.). At the end of the program we will organize a Final Event to share the results with local community. 

European projects: You will be part of the team every time we will organize an Erasmus+ seminar, youth exchange, training course, getting the opportunity to learn how to write, plan, implement, facilitate, evaluate an European project. 

Personal projects: What would you like to do more? We are open to listen and to encourage you to come up with your own ideas and personal projects for local community! 

Apply today!

  • Send us your contacts via European Solidarity Corps:
  • Fill in this online form:
  • If your application is accepted, we will contact you for a Skype interview.
  • Look for a sending organisation in your area.
  • If you are selected, you can start anytime in February 2020.
  • For any question, contact us to
  • For more details, please check the Info-pack

Eveniment Erasmus+: Clubul Pasiunilor

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Duminică, 8 decembrie 2019, începând cu ora 14:00, SUPER TINERI vă invită în sala de sport a Şcolii Gimnaziale "Ion Creangă" la un eveniment cultural participativ şi non-formal, pregătit de cei 5 voluntari ai asociaţiei, veniţi din Grecia, Franţa, Spania, Columbia şi Mexic. 

Evenimentul va implica peste 50 de copii beneficiari din oraşul Târgu Frumos, elevi ai Şcolilor "Ion Creangă" şi "Garabet Ibrăileanu". Evenimentul propune o competiţie de baschet, o expoziţie foto, un concurs de desen cu temă arheologică, un spectacol de balet şi dans contemporan, şi o expoziţie de şah.

Intrarea este liberă. 

Evenimentul reprezintă încheierea programului de educaţie non-formală "Clubul Pasiunilor", implementat în perioada 1 octombrie 2019 - 5 decembrie 2019, în cadrul Şcolii "Ion Creangă" Târgu Frumos. În cadrul programului, ce reuneşte voluntari sosiţi în România în cadrul a 3 proiecte europene, au fost dezvoltate 13 ateliere tematice, la care s-au înscris aprox. 100 de copii. În decursul celor două luni de activităţi non-formale, elevii şi-au dezvoltat abilităţile de comunicare în limba engleză, au practicat sport în cadrul atelierelor de baschet şi jocuri alternative, au luat lecţii de balet şi dans contemporan, au fost membri în clubul de fotografie, au practicat şahul, au învăţat să se exprime prin teatru alternativ, au aprofundat arheologia şi au vizitat muzee ce prezintă cultura Cucuteni. Pe data de 23 noiembrie, s-a alăturat programului cu mult entuziasm, şi Şcoala "Garabet Ibrăileanu", peste 110 de copii exprimându-şi interesul pentru atelierele facilitate de voluntarii internaţionali.

Evenimentul final "Clubul Pasiunilor"este organizat sub egida proiectelor "Arts Lab", "Building Bridges" şi "Sports Activator", proiecte finanţate de programul Erasmus+, cu sprijinul Uniunii Europene. 

În 2020, programul va continua, o nouă generaţie de voluntari va veni cu sprijinul Corpului European de Solidaritate, în România. Pe durata a cel puţin 8 luni, voluntarii vor facilita ateliere artistice şi vor implica tinerii din Târgu Frumos şi comunităţile limitrofe în activităţi de solidaritate şi educaţie non-formală.

An Italian artist in Târgu Frumos

Sunday, December 1, 2019

"The life is beautiful to see and to live and the world is too big. Don’t use social media for nothing. Learn, don’t use stereotypes, ask questions, when, why, who… don’t be afraid to ask about life!” says Sandro smiling to me, when I told him to share with me a piece of advice that he would give to the young people from Târgu Frumos. He stayed six months here, in this tiny town, doing activities at the ASIRYS Youth Center, gathering people who wanted to learn more about art and his way of expressing emotion.

Sandro Piliu comes from Italy, Sardinia and says about himself that he’s a “little artist”, even if all the people around him declare that he’s much more than that. He has a lot of different talents and passions, but the most important one is the art of tattoos. He decided to come here, in Romania, because of his desire to find more and more about life and what it has to offer. “I get easily bored, I want to see outside the island.” He confessed that when he found the opportunity to come here, he was crossing a boring period of his life and saw it as a good chance to discover a new country, meet new people and create new memories.

Even if he’s only 27, he has a collage of experiences that he never hesitated to share with all the people who showed interest in his story. “I was jumping from work to work, mostly tattooing.” But he has also been working in different Italian restaurant, where he developed his passion for cooking. He likes to identify and experience the cuisine that represents a specific culture, “I like to taste the true food in different countries”. For all the six months he spent here, he cooked everyday fresh meals not only for him, but also for the other international volunteers, who were grateful for the dedication that he showed during all the time, preparing the food for everyone, with an amazing availability to do it for the entire house. “Romanian food is fat because here is very cold, and you have Turkish influence, but sarmale, papanași and tortizi with brânză are very good!”

Sandro likes the story of Dracula a lot and he has discovered that Romania it’s totally different than what he expected before coming here. “Italians have stereotypes, that Romanians steal, are violent, are thief, it’s a poor country, but no, it’s not true.” Even if he misses the sea of his island, the tattooing from his life, and of course, the espresso and the Italian pizza, he was impressed that in our country, there are “opportunities to expose your art.” Since he is very interested in drawing and painting, the cultural life that he discovered here was a point of reference when he is talking about Romania and what he likes here. “Italy is a closed circle. It’s hard and expensive to share art, expose your art. In Romania they help you, enter in a hub and see art, not only in galleries.” 

The Italian artist came in Târgu Frumos trough ERASMUS+, a program that gives you the opportunity to learn and to travel in different projects. He arrived in the Youth Center trough Arts Lab project, under the European Volunteering Service (EVS) umbrella. Sandro recognizes that he experienced a cultural shock in his first days here, but the family moments with the other European volunteers, the “enjoying, smiling” and the fact that “people want to have a conversation, are not cold”, created a comfortable environment for him. “My expression trough art helped me a lot” and he remembers with pleasure when a family that speaks Italian invited him for dinner. Nothing is impossible, even if it seems hard in the beginning.

He visited different regions from Romania and Transylvania impressed him the most because of its story and nature. In Târgu Frumos, he observed that “people are hard workers and poor, but chill because it’s a little town”. Sandro says it’s beautiful, because he got into the details here, like different types of minds and characters, especially cultures.

At the Youth Center, he mostly improved his English. When he first came here, he barely knew how to present himself and we needed a translator to communicate with him, but now he is able to express himself and to talk to people without any fear. The desire to communicate broke the language barrier. Trough all the activities that he did here, he says that the teamwork and improvisation were the abilities that he improved the most. “I hope the center will have a lot of new volunteers, it’s important for them, they can change things in future.” He also says that people helped him a lot here, especially when he felt confused, and knows that he helped people as well, to “open their mind in relation with art”.

Sandro likes hiking, walking in the forest to observe nature, he loves animals, he is interested in kayak canoe and music. He wishes to travel more and inspire people with and trough his art, to find different cultures and personal life stories to get more artistic. His volunteering months finished in September, but he didn’t leave without letting his print. “I wanted to give the youth center a sign to remember these six months.” He did a colorful murals on the Voluntari Street, down the future ACT 4 Sustainable Development hub and new volunteering center in Târgu Frumos.

Interview by Ioana Ursache 

Testimoniale: The World of Roma, Slovenia

Saturday, November 30, 2019

În perioada 8-16 noiembrie, un grup de tineri din Zmeu şi Lungani, au participat la schimbul de tineri finanţat de programul Erasmus+ şi organizat de RIS Slovenia, la castelul Rakican. Mai jos puteţi citi impresiile lor despre această primă experienţă de mobilitate. 

"Am plecat la drum joi 07.11.2019, cu mult curaj și cu dorința de a descoperi noi aventuri. După mai bine de 30 de ore de călătorie, cu pauze de câte 2-3 ore prin Cluj-Napoca sau Budapesta, am ajuns în Rakican. Abia așteptam să facem un duș și să dormim, planul era bine pus la punct de pe traseu, dar surpriză, dormitorul era unul mare, foarte mare și era pentru toți participanții, adică 36 de oameni într-o singură camera pe paturi mobile și o singură baie pentru a face duş. Primul sentiment?! Hai acasă, nu se poate una ca asta, dar ușor, ușor ne-am acomodat, am făcut și duş, am dormit puțin și după ne-am distrat împreună. A devenit plăcut să fim împreună.

A doua zi am prezentat gustări din ţara noastră, fiecare țară aducând ceva specific. Noi i-am cucerit cu cozonac, zacuscă și batonul delicios Rom. După prezentarea culinară, am realizat dansurile celor 6 culturi din România, Ungaria, Slovenia, Slovacia, Italia, Macedonia. 😊

Tot în acea zi am aflat despre Erasmus+ și cât de norocoși suntem că putem lua parte la acest minunat proiect. 😊

Ne-am împrietenit foarte repede cu cei de aici în ciuda faptului ca nu vorbeam toți fluent engleza deoarece a contat foarte mult atitudinea, energia și optimismul pe care le aveam.

Mi-a plăcut enorm de mult la grădinița de aici, unde am participat activ alături de cei mici prin jocuri. Emoționant a fost când am plecat și Alexa, o fetiţă de 3 ani, a început să plângă după noi. ❤️ ❤️ 💯

Am vizitat satul de romi din Puşcea, radio-ul și muzeul de romi din Murska Sobota. 😊

Marko, facilitatorul, ne-a pus în echipe să prezentăm o altă ţară, iar noi am prezentat Italia. A fost foarte plăcut să facem această prezentare.

Am făcut și o activitate despre cultura romă, dar echipele erau alcătuite din membri ai fiecărei ţări. Aşa am aflat mai multe despre cultura romă din toate ţările implicate. Problemele comunităților de romi sunt foarte asemănătoare în toate cele 6 ţări prezente în proiect. 😊

Am mai avut un joc pe echipe, fiind  amestecați din fiecare țară, pentru a găsi diferite obiective turistice și pentru a interacționa între noi, dar și cu localnicii.

Seara cu mâncarea tradițională a fost una foarte specială pentru mine deoarece era necesar să îmi organizez echipa pentru un rezultat bun, prin urmare am fost foarte buni, şi m-am simţit ca la Master Chef. A ieșit un produs delicios, o tochitură de care își vor aminti toți participanții.

Mâncarea în Slovenia a fost gustoasă, camerele plăcute, organizatorii amabili, ceea ce mă face să îmi mai doresc o nouă experiență în viitor."

Ştefana Amariţei (lider de grup)

"Mi-au plăcut toate activitățile, dar au fost unele care mi-au plăcut în mod special. La început când am ajuns aici și am văzut că trebuie să dormim toți împreună, am vrut să plec înapoi. Dar stând cu toții și făcând dansuri și jocuri, a doua zi mi-a părut rău că nu mai stăm cu toții... fiindcă era starea aia de bine. Iarăși mi-a plăcut la fel de mult activitatea aceea în care am fost la grădiniță și ne-am jucat cu copilașii. A fost o experiență frumoasă, pe care nu o să o uit niciodată! Mulțumesc ERASMUS +"

Andra Nache (participant)

"Această săptămână pentru mine a fost una magică, o altă lume și o voi descrie așa:

În acest peisaj, când am intrat
Eu puțin m-am speriat
Deoarece, în cameră toți am stat.
Dar, după mi s-a părut foarte interesant!
Eu prieteni mi-am făcut și o să-i păstrez în gând.
O astfel de experiență este de neuitat și mă bucur că am  participat.
Activitățile au fost distractive
Dar, în același timp, creative.
Oamenii sunt pe placul meu
Imaginile lor, le-am blocat  mereu
În inimă.
O să povestesc cu drag, 
Toate aceste lucruri din experiența mea!❤"

Bianca Corduneanu (participant)

"A fost un schimb de experiență foarte frumos!
În primul rând, mă bucur că am putut să interacționez cu diferite persoane de alte naționalități, persoane cu suflete minunate. Mi-a plăcut foarte mult, aproape că nu aș mai pleca de aici. Cel mai frumos a fost când am dormit cu toții împreună. La început îmi venea să plâng pentru chestia asta. Dar când am început să dansăm și să facem activități împreună, mi-a părut rău după că nu mai stăm cu toții. A fost minunat!"

Maria Matei (participant)

One year of volunteering in Romania

Sunday, October 27, 2019

So this is my last month doing EVS volunteering for Asirys Supertineri. It is being one year. So many new things I learned, so many new things I did, so many new people I met and so much knowledge I gained not only about the topic of the project but also about myself. One of the most important thing that I learnt about myself is getting out of my comfort zone. I came in a country without knowing the language or the culture, but at the end I loved this place and the cooperation we had with the association that I decided to stay more and to become a “local” volunteer.

During September we had a lot of activities for the association and for preparing the dissemination plan for my project. We started with an event in Miclăuşeni, a castle near Târgu Frumos. The event was called  ”Back to 1900” and we had the opportunity to see old type of clothes, to see crafts from local artists and to travel a bit with an air-balloon. In this event there were also involved local and international volunteers from Sports Activator project.

The dissemination of my project “Building Bridges” started in the senior high school in Butea. I did a workshop for the teachers of the school after the invitation of the director. The topic of the workshop was about the non-formal education and methods to apply it to the students. With my coordinator Mihaela, we did the activities based on the Multiple intelligence theory. The teachers told us that they will use the methods they learnt and we can`t wait to discuss the results of their application.

At the beginning of the month we also participated in a conference with several teachers from Hârlău about children that drop out school. We presented information about the topic from our countries and we discussed with the teachers to find solutions to help the students and to motivate them. The teachers were very open to hear our opinion and the results we had during our workshops in the local schools using non-formal education. Also we discussed about future cooperation and with some of the teacher we developed partnership to facilitate our non-formal caravan activities.

We visited a school in Paşcani that was participating at Euroscola contest. I was part of Arts Lab Caravan and I did a workshop about alternative theater. When we finished the students took me an interview and we discussed about the impact of the theater in the school and in general, for the development of youngsters. 

Next day, we visited the economical high school "Virgil Madgearu" and we did our workshops about arts. It was interesting the fact that the students didn`t speak very good English or not at all but with the help of a local volunteer and the power of the “body language” we had a pretty successful workshop receiving very good feedback.

We also had a pleasant visit from an association from the country of Moldova in our youth center. The topic of the meeting was about agriculture and we discussed about products that we have in our countries and about how the state supports the farmers and especially the new farmers. At the end we learnt some local dances as the Moldavian guests were great dancers and singers.

During the month I was meeting a lot with a local volunteer, Larisa and we started to write two projects. One youth exchange and one training course. The projects will be with the cooperation of our association Asirys Super Tineri and the school where Larisa is working, Trinitas. We will correct and improve some projects that I had written with the help of my coordinator, Mihaela, but unfortunately they weren`t approved. We will apply the projects at the next deadline and we hope this time we will have good results.

For the next months I will be part of the Arts Lab team and I will do dissemination of my project in local schools, I will do a presentation in the university of "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" and I will keep doing the theater workshop in "Ion Creangă" and "Garabet Ibrăileanu" schools, where we run a new program called "The Passions Club".

Even though my EVS project finished in September, I don`t feel like it`s over for real. I won`t stop being volunteer and I will continue doing youth working as I did before, during my EVS.

That’s it for now, no more articles with the topic My EVS so far but new ones with new topics, with new opportunities and with a lot of new projects.

By Nikolia Papadopoulou

Building Bridges is a project funded by Erasmus+, a programme of the European Union. The content of this article is the exclusive responsibility of the authors, and the National Agency and the European Union are not responsible for how the content of the information will be used.

11 months of volunteering in Romania

Sunday, September 29, 2019

August was my eleventh month of my EVS here in Romania. We did a lot of activities again. The only difference was that I spent my time with a new group of volunteers, who came to Iași for a month. They were here for the “Sports Activator” short-term EVS. So with other 15 volunteers from Greece, Bulgaria, Spain and Turkey, we did a lot of activities to help them become sports leaders and to promote healthy lifestyle and off course, Erasmus+ and Erasmus + Sport. Our coordinator, Mihaela, wrote this project while she was also an EVS volunteer in Slovenia and I am sure she feels very proud that it was approved and it was a success.

The schedule was full every day with activities, workshops that we created and from other facilitators who were successful on their fields like my mentor, Dragoș, and Victor Popa. They helped us a lot with some ideas to create our workshops. We were divided in 4 teams. The nutrition, the healthy lifestyle, sports games and Erasmus + sports. Every time we created new teams with these topics. So until the end we worked with everyone in the group.

We visited a lot of places, some of them I saw for the first time. The people who hosted us were very polite and very helpful. We visited places like Ruginoasa, Pașcani, Târgu Frumos, Cucuteni, Butea, Oțeleni, Crucea, Zmeu etc.

Unforgettable will be the “Folcloristica Festival” in Butea. It was a traditional contest with folk dances, songs and a lot of food. During the festival I was part of the jury. It was very hard the decision for the winners, the level of every participant was very high. But at the end everyone was winner in different categories.

During the month, most of the days we stayed in the dormitories of the Cuza university in Iași. Everything was great but unfortunately after the middle of the month they stop the hot water without informing us before. There was only a paper on the main door in Romanian, posted in the day that they stopped the hot water. But as a team at the end we made jokes about the situation because we couldn’t do anything and we felt lucky it is summer and we didn’t need that much hot water.

Every night at the 5th floor of the dormitories we had cultural events. We danced and we ate a lot of food. I also learnt to cook a traditional dish from Spain called "crochetas". With the Greek team we did a typical Greek wedding for the cultural event. We sent to everyone invitations and the wedding was between a girl from the Turkish team and a boy from the Spanish team. I was the mother of the groom. And everyone from the Greek team had a role in the wedding. We did all the funny stereotypes that happen at the weddings and we laughed a lot.

The last visit we had as a team was in a village called Ciurbeşti. We had a bit of challenge on this village because we didn’t have any local volunteers to help us with the translation, only our coordinator Mihaela. But this didn’t hold us down because we had done a lot of activities together and we had experience. We did more activities using the body language and not verbal. So at the end we didn’t even notice that we didn’t had the translators and we enjoyed more the activities with the students.

This month passed very fast. I think so far it was the month that I learned so many new things together. The volunteers left at the end of the month but we keep in touch with some of them and we are planning to spent the Christmas vacations together. Next month it will be my last month as an EVS volunteer in Asirys. But I made my decision to stay more in Romania and to continue to be a volunteer for the organization and this makes me happier because in this way I will learn and share more things.

By Nikolia Papadopoulou

Building Bridges is a project funded by Erasmus+, a programme of the European Union. The content of this article is the exclusive responsibility of the authors, and the National Agency and the European Union are not responsible for how the content of the information will be used.

Caravana Arts Lab

Monday, September 16, 2019

Căutăm 5 licee, organizaţii şi instituţii din diverse comunităţi, care se adresează tinerilor cu vârsta cuprinsă între 15-19 ani, şi doresc să beneficieze de o activitate de diseminare a rezultatelor proiectelor de voluntariat european, Arts Lab şi Building Bridges.

Activităţile caravanei vor dura 3 ore, fiind structurate astfel:

🦸‍♀️ prezentarea experienţelor voluntarilor internaţionali prin diverse metode non-formale,

👨‍🎨 ateliere pe arte şi dezvoltare personală facilitate de voluntarii Erasmus+ (fotografie, arheologie, teatru, dans, pictură, inteligenţe multiple),

🎯 sesiune de voluntariat pentru şcoala/comunitate, unde elevii vor identifica probleme, vor defini soluţii si vor crea un mini-proiect, pe care îl pot implementa ulterior prin intermediul Corpului European de Solidaritate.

Elevii vor afla cum pot beneficia de mobilităţi de formare şi de voluntariat prin Erasmus Plus şi European Solidarity Corps, îşi vor exersa cunoştinţele de limbă engleză, vor socializa şi vor interacţiona cu tineri din Europa care au ales să facă voluntariat pe termen lung, ba chiar să se stabilească în România.

Instituţiile interesate de activitate, ne pot trimite un mesaj privat pe pagina sau la adresa de email Evenimentul este gratuit, avem nevoie de o sală, scaune şi aprox. 50 de tineri. Activitatea trebuie să aibă loc în perioada 18-25 septembrie 2019 (cu excepţia datelor de 18, când vom fi la Paşcani, la Colegiul Naţional "Mihail Sadoveanu" Paşcani, şi 21 septembrie, când vom fi la Podu Iloaie, la Liceul Tehnologic „Haralamb Vasiliu” Podu Iloaiei).

Arts Lab şi Building Bridges sunt două proiecte de voluntariat finanţate de Programul Erasmus+RO, cu sprijinul Uniunii Europene.

Sports Activator Lungani şi Crucea

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Miercuri, 14 august 2019, am implementat două evenimente comunitare de promovare a mişcării - Sports Activator. Atelierele dezvoltate de cei 16 voluntari internaţionali, sprijiniţi de 10 voluntari locali, au implicat 56 de copii din Lungani în jocuri şi activităţi prin care au învăţat despre nutriţie, educaţie fizică, viaţă sănătoasă şi Erasmus+ Sport. După activităţile derulate în Lungani, am plecat în Crucea, unde am desfăşurat un flash-mob multicultural, la care au fost prezente peste 50 de persoane.

Copiii au fost complet fascinaţi de jocurile experimentate în cele 4 ore de activităţi, iar comunitatea Crucea ne-a primit cu braţele deschise.

Mulţumim gazdelor, dna. Marlena Alexsa de la Primăria Lungani şi dnei. Maria Bîia, de la Şcoala Tehnologică Lungani, pentru sprijin şi resurse!

Sports Activator este un proiect co-finanţat de programul Erasmus+ Sport, cu sprijinul Uniunii Europene.

Wednesday, 14 August 2019, we organized Sports Activator event for Lungani community. 56 children aged 5 to 16, participated to 4 workshops provided by our local and European volunteers: Nutrition, Healthy Lifestyle, Physical Education and Erasmus+ Sport. In the afternoon, we went to Crucea, a community with majority Rroma people, where we did a multicultural flash-mob promotion Erasmus+, sports and multiculturalism.

The event was a success, our team of volunteers did an incredible work! Many thanks to our local partners: the municipality of Lungani represented by Marlena Alecsa and the Technological School Lungani, represented by Maria Bîia. 

Sports Activator is co-funded by Erasmus+ Sport Programme, with the support of European Union.