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Dissemination Events: Sports Activator in Patras

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

On behalf of the Greek team from Patras, Aikaterini Stefanou stated that Sports Activator was accomplished with 120 students and 7 teachers.

In order to perform the activities, the students were divided into 4 groups. Each group had to go through 4 different sessions. One of the groups played basketball and ping pong, while the second realized a graffiti in school. The third group presented and debated videos regarding healthy lifestyle and nutrition. The final one used the activities learned during the training course of Sports Activator in Romania. The games applied for the fourth group are the following: fruit-salad, burning ball, clap your hands, say a name, grab a tail, collect clothes pegs.

The event was a success, the participants enjoyed the games and were involved in all the activities.

Participants' IMPRESSIONS:
“I had a great day at school."
"I want to play again these games."
"I really enjoyed playing together with students and teachers."

Sports Activator is co-funded by Erasmus+ Sport Programme, with the support of the European Union.
Sports Activator project had two main meetings in Romania, which involved more than 70 participants from 8 countries and different communities. We managed to gather together sport teachers, trainers, youth workers, volunteers, coaches, people involved in sport clubs and different people with various backgrounds in the sports field.

One of the meetings objectives was to create a toolbox with helpful information about a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, physical activity, games and methods that can contribute to decrease the rate of physical inactivity among youngsters. Everybody contributed to this brochure with personal experience, examples of good practice, games and methods that they have already tried and worked very well among the young people.

After the international mobilities, the participants had the mission to share their learning achievements by facilitating international sports events in their local communities. So far 19 offline and online events were organised, in Spain, Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria, that involved 639 participants. During the following days we will share information about all these dissemination events.

Dissemination Events: Sports Activator in Madrid

The Spanish team organized Sports Activator dissemination event with 30 participants, in the Camping Monte Holiday, located in the mountains of the north of Madrid region.

Is to be appreciated a diverse approach to maintain the activities appealing and dynamic. Mothers together with their children had the opportunity to benefit from the Yoga class hold by María Sanchez. Meanwhile, children enjoyed a battery of different sports games, skill tests in which cooperation and peer support were fundamental.

Fernando Moreno Montero dedicated a group discussion for adults to deconstruct food myths. Apart from the energetic tasks, were implemented team building games by Jorge Ruiz. To support the parents involved, the experts María Montolio and Jorge Ruiz offered guidelines in a colloquium. The final activities motivated the participants to work in teams for a football and volleyball match.

The coordinators stated that the activities had a very positive impact for both facilitators and beneficiaries, according to the post-activity testimony. Their efforts were rewarded by having such active and interested participants.

Sports Activator is co-funded by Erasmus+ Sport Programme, with the support of the European Union.
Sports Activator project had two main meetings in Romania, which involved more than 70 participants from 8 countries and different communities. We managed to gather together sport teachers, trainers, youth workers, volunteers, coaches, people involved in sport clubs and different people with various backgrounds in the sports field.

One of the meetings objectives was to create a toolbox with helpful information about a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, physical activity, games and methods that can contribute to decrease the rate of physical inactivity among youngsters. Everybody contributed to this brochure with personal experience, examples of good practice, games and methods that they have already tried and worked very well among the young people.

After the international mobilities, the participants had the mission to share their learning achievements by facilitating international sports events in their local communities. So far 19 offline and online events were organised, in Spain, Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria, that involved 639 participants. During the following days we will share information about all these dissemination events.

Arts Lab Report: Volunteering in Eastern Europe

Monday, May 18, 2020

It was really interesting this month for me, I learned more about Eastern Europe culture, about the way of living, how they are thinking and relate to other people.  I have tried to adapt my behavior to the society where I am living now (Romania), to understand the rules and I have also tried to talk with as many people possible to find out what are the common topics of conversation here.  Now it is much clearer for me how cultures relate to each other, why there is peace between some and why there is war among others, each culture has its historical reason. And everyone carry the culture in their ideas and their behaviors. Thanks to this I have learned to accept others who are different from me, and I am aware I am different as well and I want to make this culture part of me.

So far, I was amazed about the number of similarities that exist between my country Peru and the Romanian culture. The typical clothing, the music and the way they solve things.

The second week we started to record a song about the Coronavirus, we recorded our voices and we put on the music. And then with Hanul, we made a video-clip. The song was a complete success and most importantly we feel good about our creation. I also connected my painting practices and started doing music projects online with other friends.

The third week we started to carry out an Erasmus project about art for the following year, we spent a lot of time on it and I think we managed to do a good job.  We are all excited with the idea of making a festival next year and we think about how we can present the project. I managed to be in touch with some local artists and I hope to see them soon. 

The last week of April I think it was quite important for me because I learned a lot about myself and what I really want for myself. I thank my colleagues and hosting organisation for these lessons and I hope to continue acquiring knowledge to be better.

Written by Omar Franco 

Omar is European volunteer for 8 months, in Arts Lab 2.0 project,  funded by European Solidarity Corps, with the support of European Union.

Arts Lab report: The learning achievements of April

Well, time passes. It's the natural rule of the universe, and none of us humans are able to change it. The only thing we can do is to adapt ourselves to the unimaginable schedule of time. 

My second month passed as well. Days have become longer, the season changed, the nature' passion for development has become more clear. I also developed... well, this is not a surprise. I am part of nature. 

It was a strange month, nothing seemed to happen, but so many things happened. I changed a lot. 

It started like the previous month, I was in isolation with my 3 housemates. We were continuing the tasks which Mihaela gave us, trying to be productive and reach as many people as possible. I kept creating the menu for the youth center cafeteria, and drawing other things on my computer. I can safely say that I wasn't enjoying digital drawing so much before, but I figured out it was only lack of practice. More I draw on the computer, the more I like it. This was a new discovery about me, to be able to 'like' digital arts.
Meantime, we were completing April's most enjoyable task. We created a music video about Covid-19! Yes, it sounds weird and not funny at all. The main idea was creating a song which can entertain people during those boring days of self isolation, meanwhile remind them some basic acts to protect from the virus. Starting from writing the lyrics to the end of the music video, we tried to be creative and fun. The result was amazing, we made a song which includes "Wash your hands for 20 seconds, make sure to use soap and water" and "If you wanna be romantic, stay home and watch Titanic!" at the same time. We found a trap beat and rapped for the first time in our lives (with a little, far help from my brother). The shooting part was the most creative one, we even danced on the roof of the house! Well, as I've experienced (and loved!) acting, it wasn't so hard for me. But I can say we all broke our shyness and gained more self confidence somehow. This task also reminded me how I missed acting practices and how I forgot I was enjoying it. So it gave me the idea of working on this field more starting from that day. Anyway, in the end we also had really good responses from people who watched it, mission accomplished! 

Apart from those funny moments, we also had a task to present our countries. I've made a slide for Turkey, the place I call home. I've started with the basic information; a little part of the history, the meaning of the flag, the regions, the weather, and so on. As I was going deeper in culture and the places, I discovered something so much that I couldn't ignore, the truth about my feelings for my country. Well, I've never been a nationalist. In some period of my life I was feeling that I don't belong to my country. I've always complained about the politics, the beliefs of the society, even the traditions. I didn't know, or I didn't want to agree that, even though I am not a big fan of the land, I was born there and I have the codes from the culture on all my presence. I can't deny that I express like a Turkish, think like a Turkish, dream like Turkish, because it's not only about the collective history, the marks which are scratched to your personality is creating your individual history. It comes from your family from centuries ago and creates your 'self'. And believe it or not, internally you belong to that place. That discovery, with only one task, changed my point of view a lot.

While we were busy at home with the online tasks, we had a change with our Romanian language lessons. We've still been doing them online due to the situation, but our teacher has changed and we've met with Florin. Our lessons went up once every two days, for one hour. His method of teaching is slightly different from Ioana's, so we started focusing on different aspects with the language. And in my case, meeting someone else has always been inspiring so I can say this change was good in a way. 

We also continued online meetings with our lovely mentor, Nikolia. She was helping us with the Youthpass. I couldn't find out until she showed us how, but I've gained many skills according to the key competences. Also we had some personal support from her. We are so lucky to have a mentor like her! 

Well, as I said before, the season changed. Spring came slowly, we could already feel the warm weather and we started spending more time in our garden. Especially I enjoyed our outdoor painting sessions with Eliana. I think we both developed our watercolor skills by painting long hours in the garden, with the accompaniment of our coffees. 

Coming to the end of the month, we all were pretty excited about the restrictions that will ease soon. With the papers Mihaela arranged for us, we started working in the Youth Center one by one, which was a really good change we all needed. Now we are more focused on our projects, after staying home for all those weeks, hoping that the whole crisis will end soon and we will be more interactive with the people of this city we've been living in for two months. 

It's not an easy time, sometimes the anxiety can be unbearable. People are alone with their own thoughts mostly. I don't know if everyone can realize it, but those are the best times to know yourself. I've discovered so much about me, by myself or with the other beautiful people I'm passing through with. Let's all wait and see, the time will do its magic and everything is going to be alright again. 

Written by Deniz Ataman

Deniz is European volunteer for 8 months, in Arts Lab 2.0 project,  funded by European Solidarity Corps, with the support of European Union.

Arts Lab Report: My second month in Târgu Frumos

Friday, May 15, 2020

The second month of volunteering in Târgu Frumos has just passed, spring has finally began and the hills around the city have changed their color to green. We also spent this month at home in quarantine, but according to the rules we finally started going to work in the youth center. As I started quarantine when I arrived here, to have the possibility to work in the center has been a good change and it helped me to concentrate better in the work. This month we also continued our Romanian lessons in which we learnt some new basic and useful sentences, verbs and words. Since some time we are also hosting a cat, we called her Lisa and every day she comes to our home to eat and stay a bit with us.

During this second month, with the other volunteers, we wrote the text for a song about the corona-virus. We made a rap song which deals about this period of quarantine and some basic measures we should adopt to avoid contagion. We recorded our voices singing and we made a video-clip using what we have in our home; making this song has been a good opportunity to work together and include different skills, from each of us.

Beginning from the last week of the month, we started to go to the youth center. During the first two days we worked to clean the garden from the waste left by the construction works, in order to arrange the garden to plant fruits and vegetable trees and to paint the walls with drawings that tell about each one of us and our country.

With the other volunteers I also tried to write the application for a youth exchange project directed to young artists who want to gain new skills in the presentation of their works and themselves as artists, in order to found a job related to their interests. As It was a new experience and the available time was limited, it has not been not a simple job but we managed to send it on schedule, in order to receive feedback. Writing the projects has been a good way to learn something in this field and also to get better in writing in English. 

As I love walking in the nature in this last days I went to walk in the hills, this helped me to appreciate and to know better the city and its surroundings. This month I also had the opportunity to meet my mentor in person and also some of the others volunteers who come at the youth center. Now we are finally moving towards the end of the quarantine and I hope in the next months to be able to explore new places and of course to meet other people!

Written by Eliana Colzani

Eliana is European volunteer for 8 months, in Arts Lab 2.0 project,  funded by European Solidarity Corps, with the support of European Union.

Arts Lab Report: Hanul Choi’s April report

April started off quite well. After the first month of quarantine, things were too stable for a while so me and my colleagues got motivated and started to do some tasks. Working at home was hard for sure as I am not used to live and work in the same space. Either way, the month started off strong by recording workshop and creating rap song about the Covid-19. Because of the quarantine,  doing or practicing workshops in front of people were impossible, so we adapted immediately to the online platform. After the mild success of the drawing workshop we did, we continued right away with the next one which is how to make salt dough.

That workshop was quite fun as we altogether made all kind of weird figures with the salt dough and painted it afterwards. We even made medals and started to compete between each other for it through different challenges. Spending time with friends always help psychologically and trying new things together is the solution to boredom.

A second song was composed and this time it was a rap song. Comparing to the first one, we enjoyed a lot this new one. Rapping felt much easier to perform and I was confident going through it. When it came to recording the music video, it was an absolute blast. Comparing to short film shoots that I had been to, the one we made within the house was done with no pressure and the experience was enjoyable. We danced like no one was watching on the roof, the garden and even in the kitchen. Hopefully the landowner doesn’t watch the video and scold us for dancing in his roof.

For the occasional intercultural events, this month we prepared a presentation that explains the culture of our country. The power of internet came in handy for this task as I made a video presentation purely out of online images, videos and music. It took me some time to compile every material necessary but it was a valuable experience for my career. My mother asked me to help her make a historical video essay so I am going to apply the skills learned from the country presentation video. 

During this month, my sleeping schedule was an absolute mess: Some days I slept at 3 AM while some days I might end up sleeping at 7 AM. One thing I learned from this routine is that it really messed with my productivity and passion. Waking up late and sleeping late makes my mind think that I am unable to do any proper work and it also gives a feeling of loss/emptiness. I was able to overcome this conflict by going to the youth centre almost every day (with work permission of course), where I was able to do something useful in a concentrated space. I think for the people who have a sleeping problem like me, should have a fixed routine to not end up feeling useless or lost in the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping. I am lucky enough to be able travel and work in a safe environment during this pandemic. For those who cannot just get out of the house, I recommend them to separate their working space with their living space: To elaborate, choose a room or a corner of the room where you will just use to work on your job/passions while having another one just for hobbies: reading, watching TV or even browse the internet. I am still guilty of maintaining this habit but staying hours on bed watching something with your smartphones ends up affecting your sleep so the best solution to this is to not use the phone when you are determined to sleep or if you are watching something, don’t do it on your bed.

April was the week where Art House became a thing: we created a weekly club where the moderator, Deniz, presents a topic related to arts and we talk about it together. For the first session we discussed about our famous painter. Mihaela did a good job in choosing a diverse group as we all had very different styles. I chose Dali because I like artists who tries to bring something new to this world and who is able to transmit a strange emotion in us.

We are also trying to publish as frequently as possible in the social media of Asirys but there are too many days that feels like posting something daily is too much work. Either way this month felt like a great step forward. The world might feel like it’s getting worse by the passing of each day but I think it’s important for individuals to find a way to distract from this dark cloud. Hope others are doing fine and getting along with this troubled but temporal situation.

Written by Hanul Choi

Hanul is a volunteer in Arts Lab 2.0, a project funded by European Solidarity Corps, with the support of European Union. 

New project approved! Join Us in Slovenia

Thursday, April 30, 2020

We are happy to inform you that the follow-up project 'Join Us', developed and coordinated by our Slovenian partner, Društvo Kreativne Mladine, got approved. At the moment, the planned dates are in October, but the date is not fixed yet as we must see how the Covid-19 will evolve in the next period. For now we invite you to check the project details and if you want to attend it, fill in this form.

What do you want to achieve by implementing the project? What are the objectives of your project?

Our project seeks to make young people aware of the noble aspects of volunteering. At the same time, we wish to underline the benefits of volunteering for young people. Through volunteering, we strengthen our competences and further develop ourselves. In addition, volunteering uncovers what it really means to be human and what it means to receive help when one really needs it. Those who do good are rewarded, it is often said. This is also why we wish contribute to more young people deciding to do and advance good. With the #JoinUs project, we have added a touch of art to the volunteering  and the free expression of young people and we want the project to become an example of good practice in the international environment. Our project aims to reach numerous young people and contribute to their active inclusion into their local environments and their active participation at the European level through their involvement in international projects. At the same time, our project seeks to inspire other similar projects across Europe. Volunteering is a selfless endeavor that is making the world a better place and help us develop our self-esteem. We wish to spread best practices from selected countries with all young people that we will be able to reach through our activities and dissemination.

The main goals of our project are: to familiarize participants with the concept of volunteering and its impact on local environment, to come to know volunteering and good volunteering practices from partnering countries, youth and volunteering work, to bring volunteering closer to young participants and develop their personal competences, develop their self-esteem and confidence, to get to know vulnerable groups through volunteering as well as minorities of Pomurje, who we will visit and help through volunteering. The project and its planned activities with the assistance of our coordinator Marko and Romanian partner organisation also seeks to encourage young participants to get involved in the European activities.

What activities do you plan to implement? What is the number and profile of the participants involved?

In our project, we want to carry out a youth exchange with the title "#JoinUs", where we connected young people from Slovenia, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Germany and Estonia. The youth exchange will take place in Pomurje region, in or near Murska Sobota. Murska Sobota boasts the first inter-generational house based on voluntary organization and is also a city friendly to volunteering. The project involves young people between 16 and 30 years old, and some group leaders are over 30 years of age. From each country we included 2 participants with fewer opportunities. Participants face geographical, financial, economic, educational, social barriers and cultural differences.

Our activities involve learning about volunteering work through practical examples and art. By connecting with the local environment, we have created activities that will have a positive impact on young participants and the environment itself. We have gathered 41 young participants from different backgrounds and with different views on the topic.

What results and impact do you expect your project to have?

The expected effects are primarily that young people develop their personal competencies and build on their self-esteem. At the same time, we want to encourage young people to more actively participate in volunteering and art. The young people who are writing the project have been committed to spreading the voice of unselfish mutual help.

Through youth exchange, we want to support the active participation of young people in such projects. We want to offer young people as many new experiences as possible and show them how to show interest in such projects. In particular, young people with social barriers and young people with geographical handicaps want to offer the possibility of integration and acceptance into society. The groups of participants will strive for the dissemination of results after the completion of the youth exchange, and with the project "#JoinUs", the importance of volunteering work in the local environment from where we come from.

Through our Facebook page, Creative Youth Association we will remain active and inform young people about good volunteering practices from the participating countries and about our dissemination, which we will prepare. Our target group will be primarily our friends, the young people from the local environment from where we come to whom we will try to bring our volunteering and good practices through our social networks. Above all, we show them what we managed to do in 10 days. If we succeed in making everything that was written in 10 days, then we can convince other young people from the local environment to devote volunteer work at least 1 hour per week.

Through youth exchange and the project itself, we want to encourage active citizenship, active participation in various international projects within the ERASMUS + program, we want to stimulate active cooperation in the field of youth and raising awareness of youth work. We want to encourage young people to be and be heard.

Follow this page, for more details:

Arts Lab report: The monumental silence of everything

Friday, April 17, 2020

This is my first month in Romania, before arriving in this country I had expectations of knowing the most beautiful places and sharing a lot of art with my new colleagues.

The first week in Romania I have shared with Hanul and Mihaela very valuable time in the youth center, where we learned what our roles were and the things we had to do during volunteering.

The second week, with the entire team of volunteers at home, we started to plan art workshops for the youth. I met my mentor Nikolia and Zaharias who is a love! We also learned about the importance of volunteering and we got to know new places in Târgu Frumos.

The third week we were told that we could not leave home due to the contagion of covid 19 and since then we have been here at home all together doing daily activities. We have created a small garden with the experience of Deniz and we have made videos with the talent of Hanul. We have also done photography sessions with Eliana's super eye. These are days of not knowing what will happen to the world, but I hope that everything will go well. Now our Romanian classes are online, and our mentor contacts us via Skype.

This is the fourth week in Romania and the second week at home without being able to leave, from where I write. I could say that my expectations of getting to know Romania and the most beautiful places were not accomplished, but it is not true. I met something very beautiful, seeing from my window every sunset and seeing the whole town bathed in light, in the distance its churches and architecture, the monumental silence of everything. I greet the neighbors and with a smile I try to speak to them or just make them to look at us to see if someone dares to say a word.

Now it is a difficult time for the world due to the outbreak of the new virus and everything is stopped, but we have not stopped. We have moved on, planning and developing projects so that when we can go out to contribute to this place.

Written by Omar Franco 

Omar is a volunteer in Arts Lab 2.0, a project funded by European Solidarity Corps, with the support of European Union. 

Arts Lab Report: A beautiful town

Here I am, at the end of my first month in Romania. I don’t know if I should call it an unlucky period rather than a lucky one, but I won’t. Because I’ve been helped a lot by many beautiful people during this global crisis. Let’s begin, then.

I arrived in Romania at the beginning of March. I’ve been in many European countries before, but it would be my first experience with this country and to be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Right after my arrival, the warm atmosphere showed me that I made a good choice to come here. On my first day, I could feel the hospitality from various people who helped me a lot during my bus trip from Bucharest to Târgu Frumos, and when I arrived in this beautiful town I absolutely loved it! I met Mihaela, my project coordinator and the co-volunteers, Hanul, Omar and Eliana. On our second day, we went out - it wasn’t an emergency situation yet and since I arrived from Turkey I didn’t need to stay in quarantine. We went for a treasure hunt and discovered the gems of the town. We found the oldest building and learnt its history, we climbed the highest spot and took a photo, and the most entertaining part, we tried to ask the locals the best things to do in town. It was quite a challenge because some of them didn’t speak English, but we managed somehow. It was really nice to be in touch with the locals.

That day I also met with other volunteers from ASIRYS, Ioana and Ştefana.

Following days passed mostly in the ACT House, we helped to organize the space where the organisation have recently moved, we did some tasks like preparing recipes for the Cafe, and the most entertaining part was composing a song about the town. We all wrote lyrics-and sang!- about how we felt when we arrived in Târgu Frumos.

Meanwhile, we have started our Romanian language classes with Ioana. We had the first class at ACT House, and it was so much fun! Unfortunately, we have been going on with the courses online right now, but anyway, probably because of the similar words between Turkish and Romanian, I’ve been enjoying the courses very much so far.

Unfortunately, after one week Romania has entered an emergency situation, and that meant for us to stay home as much as possible. We have started to work from home, while Mihaela has been sending us tasks which we can do at home and share online. My tasks were online workshops about gardening, vegan recipes, arts and crafts. With the help of my friends (thanks to Hanul mostly, for taking the videos and editing them), I’ve managed to prepare 2 workshops about cooking a seasonal recipe and a drawing course. I’m planning to continue the videos while I am in quarantine. I’m so glad with this task, because I feel creative while writing and preparing the workshops, as I feel good for showing ideas to people all around the world, how to survive from these stressful times. Also, I think the team work and the help on this task connects me more with my co-volunteers.

My other task which I’ve been doing for one week is, preparing a recipe book for the youth center’s cafe. The cafe will start serving some international drinks when the crisis is over, so what I am doing now is designing a menu, with of course the help of my friends. I’m writing recipes and illustrating also, we will publish it at the end of my volunteering period. Besides my main profession is ceramics, I’ve always been into drawing and painting somehow, so I’ve been enjoying this task very much.

Meanwhile, we are trying to spend time as full as possible, we are trying to learn something from each other every day, create games and keep motivating each other during quarantine. None of us wanted to go back to our countries because we are really excited about our work we will do here in the future. I hope - like everybody out there - this situation will end soon.

This was my first month in Târgu Frumos. I want to thank you to my coordinator Mihaela, my mentor Nikolia, and everybody else who has been supporting us so much those days. I’m sure next month will be more positive!

Written by Deniz Ataman

Deniz is volunteering in Arts Lab 2.0, a project funded by European Solidarity Corps, with the support of European Union. 


Arts Lab Report: March, Cold spring, Static street.

April is here and it has been weeks since I stayed in this house. The cold weather comes and goes while my companions and me struggle to get things done within the house. I came to this voluntary programme motivated to work and help out people who has some interest in culture after a long holiday and days of unemployment. The whole quarantine situation has got me down but I shouldn’t complain too much about it as there are people out there who are risking their lives to save others.

So how did I spend the month of March to get over the fact that I am in isolation? Our coordinator Mihaela has given us enough task to keep ourselves busy. With my knowledge of video making I helped my colleagues in making a tutorial video. It’s always funny starting off how the person in front of the camera struggles to deliver a simple line. Somebody always ends up making a weird noise like “Auuuak” with a weird face and the camera captures that magical moment forever.

The weekly Romanian classes were a nice addition in this situation. The very energetic Ioana kept us entertained while also learning new words that we could use to ask the employees in the supermarket. One sentence that I won’t forget is probably “Vrei să te pălmuiesc?”. Let’s hope I don’t ever get to say it during my stay. 

One thing that I appreciate is that the group has been reunited together. March started with me alone in the empty house but by the second week the house was filled with my companions. Everyday we spend the time doing something together: cooking, playing board-games, writing, drawing and even gardening together. I am very grateful for this as I wouldn’t last long if I spent this isolation alone.

A new thing that I did was singing and composing a song as a group. I am always interested in learning about composing so having this first hand experience was interesting. However, my vocal cords are of a teenager in puberty so it doesn’t sound so good to the listeners. I apologize in advance for this. We are now practicing rap so maybe it might sound better by simply mumbling in front of the mic. 

I also spent some time editing videos that I already recorded in the youth center before the crisis began. My editing skills are getting better but I’ve got to say, it’s hard working and sleeping in the same place. Sleeping and waking up has been hard and my schedule is very unbalanced. I really wish the quarantine ends soon so that I can run around freely and become more productive.

It’s too bad the Guadeamus Festival got delayed/cancelled due to this situation. I wrote with with Mihaela and a university student in Iași, Șerban a short film script about the incomprehension of an artist’s art piece in a dull environment. It is a funny, tragic and ridiculous story that we would have shot in the middle of March if the virus didn’t exist. In this sense I learned to cope in creating more videos indoors than outdoors. Just because you have many limitation, it doesn’t mean that you should stop filming your projects. 

The reunions with our mentor, Nikolia, are quite pleasant. Chatting with someone that you don’t meet everyday is always welcoming during this boring times. As a mentor she teaches us a lot of things about the EVS programme: what actions to take during certain times and sharing us the experience she had when she used to be a volunteer. And who can ever forget about the cute dog Zaharias begging for pets to all of us. The first group meeting was in person but now we have to meet through face-chat.

That sums up my first month volunteering in Târgu Frumos. It wasn’t what I expected but hey, at least I am learning new things staying at home. There’s always a way to work and contribute even though you are stuck indoors. April is going to be similar as the quarantine is foreseen to continue until mid May but having a good time is going to depend on my attitude towards my daily life. For this reason, I am going to continue finding a way to be productive while I enjoy small things like drawing and even exercising. Hope you all cope well with current situation and please stay safe!

Hanul out.

Hanul is volunteering in Arts Lab 2.0, a project funded by European Solidarity Corps, with the support of European Union.