Open Call for Volunteers: Arts Lab 3.0

If you love arts and you are willing to share with us your talents and passions, Arts Lab 3.0 is the experience you are looking for!  We are selecting one more artist (you will be 5 in total), aged between 18 and 30, from any European Union countries, to be part of 8-month European Solidarity Corps volunteering mobility, in Târgu Frumos, Iaşi, Romania. The project is addressing youth passionate about any art, from crafting, film, dance, painting, music, photography, cuisine, theater to any other artistic or cultural activities.  The main activities of the project are:   Youth center workshops & Events : You will develop your own workshops, events, and activities based on your passions, ideas, learning needs, for the youth of the local community.      Folcloristica Festival - VII Edition : An annual event that promotes folklore and traditions of Romania using creative methodologies. You will help to organize this event, sharing your own experience and cultural heritage with the

Arts Lab 3.0: Volunteers Assignment

Changemaker: Raluca Andreea Lasiana Heleșteanu - Blooming World

Changemaker: Alessia Mitocaru - If you’re multicolored, that’s cool too!

Expoziția The Beautiful Fair Town: Momente, de Hanul Choi

Changemaker: Anastasia Denisa Iacob - After Limits

Spațiul voluntarilor Super Tineri

Changemaker: Maria Cezara Murgu - Children's Voice

Changemaker: Petronela-Georgiana Nache - A helping hand!

Erasmus+ în Caraibe: Diseminare

Vrei o experiență cool? Fii Changemaker!

Changemaker: Rareș Bălașa - ROB's stories

Muzeul Memorial Evreiesc din Târgu Frumos, în aer liber

Selectăm 12 VOLUNTARI!

Changemaker: Diana Andreea Ciobăniță - Fresh Perspective

Chestionar despre Târgu Frumos

Changemaker: Daria Anamaria Liță - No Work, just Fun!

Curs Gratuit: Manager de Proiect