Arts Lab 3.0: Demet Durdu - Learning by doing

We started March with the farewell of Leire and Krista. We were so sad they left. We had a great time together and I would like to be with them for the rest of my life. After the girls left, Giyum came to the project from France. We met him and got along very well, we had a lot of fun together and we created nice activities together. We prepared the presentation of our own country on ago-tourism and started to organize the garden of our house in the Cucuteni. We worked as a group, had fun, and got tired. We used to relieve our tiredness with funny conversations. Everyone did their best and together we did a great job.  At the same time, we went to Târgu Frumos schools and introduced volunteerism. This has been one of my favorite activities. We met many young people. And now we know most of the young people in Târgu Frumos.  Starting with this month, I am working in the field of entrepreneurship. We started to produce ceramics with the volunteers of this department. We will raise funds

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Arts Lab 3.0: Demet Durdu - The day has come

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