Arts Lab 4.0: Month II, Federica Colzani - Full of experiences

This third month has been more than ever full of experiences.  After the final exposition of the Muzeul Alternativ de Folclor I realized how much work, feelings and effort we put in our activities.  In my case I presented the mural painting, some drawings that I did during the meetings, a canvas that represents 22 characters of folklore and a series of small paintings inspiring by "Păpădie", the video that Ataota, Chiara, Cihan and Wasan realized based on the story of Miorița. All the products and the workshops created by my colleagues were amazing but we know that we could have never had these results without the help of the local volunteers, the experience of the workshops in Petru Rareș highschool and the help we provided each other.  The Folcloristica festival was important too for the realization of MAF: we had the opportunity to see traditional clothes and dances, to listen to traditional songs and to try traditional food. In the same time, the workshops with the childr

Arts Lab 4.0: Month III, Sara Torrijos - Inspiring & creative

Arts Lab 4.0: Month III, Yavuzhan Gumus - Countless

Arts Lab 4.0: Month II, Cihan Falez - Precious memories

Arts Lab 4.0: Month II, Maja Mörchen - A new level

Arts Lab 4.0: Month II, Wasan Abusummaqah - A blink of an eye