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Arts Lab 4.0: Month VII, Sara Torrijos - Final report

 I just came across the pictures from the past few months on my computer, and it's hard to believe that the project has come to an end. This project has been an important moment in my life, since I decided to start volunteering, I tried to help people as much as possible. I would have never imagined living in another country if Mihaela hadn't called me. And now, I’m very glad that events unfolded in this way. I have always believed that there was some kind of synchronicity in my life that brought me closer to this country. When I was a university student, I developed an interest in the project “Wild Man” of the photographer Charles Freger. The series of photographs I was interested in, showed mythological costumes from Romanian folklore. As a result, I began to incorporate these influences into my work, and eventually, I made my first trip to Romania as a result of a relationship. Since then, many coincidences have brought me closer to Romanians and Romania. Something I have be

Arts Lab 4.0: Month VI, Wasan Abusummaqah - Final report

It took me a while to write this final report since I came back home, but maybe because I needed some time to realize what has happened in the six months I’ve spent in Romania. This experience was soul enriching, I’ve learned so much things about myself, I became aware of traits I gained over the years of my life but never acknowledged, going abroad can always be a fun adventure and a learning journey, but what you can never know is that you’ll come across things and people you never thought you’d meet one day, and this is what has happened to me. During this period, I’m met over 100 people, a lot more than that actually, and you can’t imagine how overwhelming this can be, some of them were only a passerby in my life, but others were more than this, or shall I say they became someone I’d care to meet again later in life. I learned a lot from socializing and just talking to strangers day by day, I got the chance to share whatever I would like, to talk about my culture and heritage and s

Arts Lab 4.0: Month V, Fatma Mohamed Ibrahim Mahmoud - Grateful

 I can’t believe that I'm writing the final monthly report. Time has flown by so quickly, and I have experienced a lot of emotions, challenges, and tears. There's so much to say about the past five and a half months. I've met many new people, some of whom have become like family to me, while others have influenced and shaped me in different ways. Let me begin by expressing my gratitude to my team, Arts Lab 0.4. I've learned so much from them, and we've been through both good and bad times together. We've laughed, cried, danced, sang, and, most importantly, hugged each other. It felt like a source of energy for us, and we've grown together. I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for making this project so special. Without them, it would not have been the same. I love you all! Working here was not easy. Each exhibition brought new challenges, information, and memories. However, what I enjoyed most was the process of working, which involved research,

Arts Lab 4.0: Month VI, Sara Torrijos - Proud

We finished the month of January with the final day at Ion Creangă School, where we shared the secret box activity with our students. It was an activity that made them feel safe and confident, and helped them explore their emotions. During the preparations for the exhibition at the Rroma Museum, I designed the logo for the museum and Chiara and I developed "The Map of the Emotions" game. The exhibition included multimedia, tarot games, and art-theater installations. As facilitators, we invited participants to share their emotions in response to different stimuli, helping them to identify and position themselves within the different main emotions. At the beginning of February, we started working at Liceul Special "Moldova". During that week, we shared different Jewish games and recipes with the children while recording sounds for our audio-book. I'm starting to think about the end of this project and I feel very glad to have had the opportunity to experience it.

Arts Lab 4.0: Month V, Cihan - Strage feeling

And we are in our fifth month. It sounds weird, but it's unbelievable that the project is now ending. I am in a strange feeling between the sadness that it will end and the happiness of the wonderful memories I now have. I will remember this beautiful experience with wonderful feelings. As for the topic of work this month. We started our work by watching documentaries on the Holocaust and what happen during that time in Iași county. For one week, we held art activities with students at the "Moldova High School", a school with a high concentration of visually impaired children. When we first met the students at school, I asked all of them as a group to write a poem about how they felt about the Jewish history in Târgu Frumos. In this way, a whole school wrote a poem together. Then we composed and recorded this poem together with the students who chose the music workshop. The result it is a great song. The youngsters were truly incredibly talented. They did a great job. The