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Call for writers: European Dignities - Summer Edition

The EUROPEAN DIGNITIES journal provides to young people from all over Europe, a way to communicate and express, to demonstrate and discuss about what is happening around them. Therefore, European Dignities is the Voice of Europe's Youth! The fist issue had a great success and you can read it HERE . The journal has accreditation and it is registered as: ISSN 2360 – 6355, ISSN-L 2360 – 6355. If you want to have a contribution, please send it to us at Bellow you can check the thematic, sections and general rules for the magazine. For the second  issue the thematic is " words of folk wisdom ” – old saying, sayings, proverb, adage, wise thought, short sentence with a general view about any aspect of life. If you send us an article, photo, please write the words chosen also in your own mother tongue. Will be interesting to see how it sounds in the original languages also. Regarding the thematic, we invite you to read some of the opinions of our jo

European Dignities Journal - call for writers!

Writing was the essential element regarding the personal, cultural and social development of today’s any geographic and demographic area. In the writing forms one can accurately insert both different realities and fiction that put together the value of human creativity. But we also know for sure, that writing is a complex communication process, that induces new cultural and social cohesion structures, understanding the daily realities but more, it describes a sort of ”art of life”. Whether it is about people, places, facts, actions and innovative brave approaches, only writing will carry and balance what is happening. Therefore making an European magazine that provides young people all over Europe, with a way to communicate and express, demonstrate and discuss what is happening around them, is quite needed. Being at the heights of social changes and guidelines, it is indicated that we know and understand the social realities and at the same time to connect to the values, principles a