‘’Through  volunteering everybody has something to win, the benefits fluctuating from personal satisfaction to the experience you accumulate, from friends to useful professional contacts. But the main benefit is a community which is warmer, healthier, more solid, more harmonious,  and more confident of its own strengths, and that is way more powerful.’’ (The declaration of volunteering of the organization ASIRYS)

THE MISSION OF SUPER YOUTH ORGANIZATION (ASIRYS) is to support the progress of the community in all the fields, by implying all the resources. Its priorities are the following:

Creating opportunities for the personal, professional, social and community development for young people and other categories
Promoting the interests of youth on a social, cultural, educational, sport, and economic level
Diversity and equal opportunities
Preventing social exclusion
Civic responsibility
Development, economic and social cohesion
Supporting the prosperity of the citizens
Protecting the environment, the reservations and the animals
Promoting public integrity, transparency, responsibility and fighting against corruption

The organization has 50 goals, and here are some of them: encouraging youth participation in the economic and social life through specific projects; the improvement of the creative potential of youth; promoting and implementing non-formal education; stimulating the entrepreneur skills of young people; encouraging the international exchanges of young people and promoting mobilities within the European and international space etc.

The projects developed by the organization had over 250 young beneficiaries from all the social classes. In this moment the organization has over 40 active volunteers. The budget for the year 2011 was of approximately 30.000 €.