ASIRYS international projects for 2013!

The last deadline of Youth in Action Programme was one of the most provocative for us because we submitted 3 international projects, for which we have worked with 20 partners from 10 different countries. All of the projects are youth exchanges that will take place during the summer and autumn. If you want to know more about them, you can find below the resumes.  

Other good news are that we have at least other 4 projects in preparation for the next deadline (1 May) and we will participate in more than 15 international projects as partners. 2013 will be definitely a full year for ASIRYS, so if you are interested to get involved, this is the perfect moment! 

Doctor Eco-House
15-25 July 2013
Partners: Turkey, Spain, Slovenia, Denmark, Greece, Poland, Romania

The project Doctor Eco-House is a multicultural youth exchange, that will be hold in Romania, during 9 days, involving 7 partners from 7 different countries. Doctor Eco-House propose to cumulate participants from a lot of cultures with different perspectives, with a good spirit of creativity and a non-formal thinking, for developing an eco-house plan from A to Z. The themes of the project are environment and urban development. 35 participants at least will participate in several workshops, about how to do unconventional furniture, how to design an eco-room and eco-house installations, how to do the adobe (Romanian ancient brick) and how to do a fund-raising campaign for an eco-house. During the project, we will film a reality-show that will be promoted using social media. At the end of this project, each participant will be an “eco-house doctor” – the participants will be able to design and transform their houses in eco-houses, friendlier with the environment.

Start-Up for Young Social Entrepreneurs 
(Start-Up 4 YSE)
1-9 August 2013
Partners: Spain, Turkey, Lithuania, Denmark, Slovenia, Romania

The project „StartUp 4 YSE” is a multicultural youth exchange, that will involve 6 countries, during 7 days. The aim of the project is to develop the entrepreneurial spirit and skills among 30 participants. The participants will be encouraged to start their own business and to develop their intercultural education by involving non-formal ways of thinking and with a good spirit of creativity. During the project period, in seven days of properly working, the youngsters will participate to several workshops where they will learn techniques of handmade arts and where they will be able to develop their skills by creating new items. Also they will participate to business simulation sessions where they will learn how to promote their products and how to start a business with these. There will be formed an exhibition where the participants will be already able to promote their products by using the methods they will have developed. This youth exchange will be a space to learn and share, so we expect that each partner/team will be an active part. At the end, depending of their personal involvement, every participant will be able to start-up his own social enterprise.

7-14 October 2013
Partners: Turkey, Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, Romania

The "ARHEGOS" project is a multilateral youth exchange of six days in which will be involved six partners from six different countries.
The project proposes the capitalization of history and archaeology using non-formal methods and activities inspired from media and marketing fields. The themes of ARHEGOS are art, culture and media, and the main objectives are to achieve knowledge about other European cultures, to develop the creativity, to promote the socialization among young people regardless of language, color, ethnicity, to develop the teamwork and the communication skills in a foreign language, but also to achieve some general culture about European countries.

The main activity consists in a youth exchange held in 4 different places in Romania: Tîrgu Frumos, Paşcani, Cotnari/Cucuteni and Iaşi, where the young people will participate at creative archaeological expedition coordinate by them. They will create touristic campaigns for unknown areas discovered by them, will explore path to Europe and last but not least will hold multicultural events in mixed teams.


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