European Youth Week in Mugla!

The 30th of May will represent a special day for Mugla, when 30 volunteers from 21 different countries will celebrate the European Youth Week. The event will be represented by a one-day long festival, consisted of music, traditional dances, teamwork games and workshops, meant to create an intercultural environment. 

These actions offer an unique opportunity not only for promoting cultural diversity, non-formal education and volunteering, but also for increasing the awareness of the Turkish youth about the opportunities offered by the European Union’s Youth in Action Program. Moreover, through the unique combination of people with different cultural backgrounds and unconventional education methods, a bridge will be created between Turkey and Europe, opening new cooperation gates. 

The organization of this festival is supported by Gençlik Organizasyonları Merkezi (Youth Organizations Centre)in cooperation with the local authorities from Mugla. The team in charge with the design and implementation of the activities is composed of youngsters who are enrolled in the European Volunteering Service. The volunteers come from Romania, Ukraine, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Portugal, Greece and other European countries. For the promotion of the festival, the volunteers have ambitious plans: they intend the preparation of a colorful dynamic flash-mob in the most crowded places of the city. Their flash-mob is the first event of this type organized in Mugla. Tomorrow, the activities will start at 15.00 and will end at 21.00, the location will be the Freedom Square of Mugla and the program is:

15:00 Opening ceremony
15:15 Turkish songs + dance 
15:30 Circle and group games 
16:15 National dances + Turkish dance 
17:00 Competition games 
17:30 Talent show 
18:15 EVS Music group performance
18:45 EVS Folk dance group performance
19:15 DJ show 
19:45 Games (the most famous, dancing…)
20:15 Special EVS concert 
21:00 Closing ceremony 

However, Mugla is not the only city in Turkey celebrating the European Youth Week. In the major cities of the country film exhibitions, symposium and training sessions will be organized, in the attempt of promoting the values that are essential for the young people nowadays: diversity interculturalism, tolerance and pro-activism. The European Youth Week will conclude with a key event in Istanbul under the banner of „Creativity and Youth: Art, Sport and Entrepreneurship”.


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