Youth FotoVideoTek! Develop your photographic and film skills!

The project "YOUTH FotoVideoTek" is a training course that will involve 6 partners, 3 from European Union and 3 from EU Neighborhoods Partners: Romania, Poland, Estonia, Armenia, Georgia and Moldova. The training will take place in Romania, between 16-25 June 2013, during 8 days and will involve 18 youth workers. 

The themes of FOTOVIDEOTEK are “art and culture” and „media” and the main objectives are to share and achieve knowledge and skills about photography and video in order to increase the visibility of youth workers projects, to achieve knowledge about other European cultures, to develop the creativity and entrepreneurship skills, to promote the socialization among young people regardless of language, color, ethnicity, to develop the team work and the communication skills in a foreign language, but also to achieve some general culture about European countries. The main result of the training will be that the youth workers will organize a photo-video exposition that will help them to learn to promote better the youth projects.


- between 18 - 30 years old, 
- capable of speaking, writing and understanding English; 
- very interested in the activities’ topics: photography and film making; 
- active volunteer/youth leader/youth worker/staff member of the sending body; 
- capable and willing to develop further projects.

We need 3 participants from each partner country: Estonia, Poland, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia. In this moment we need 2 Estonians and 3 Polish. 

It is mandatory*:
- To bring your DSRL camera (with all your technical equipment: cards, blitz, objectives) – we will shoot a lot and is super-important for your learning process! 
- To be active and share!
- To fill in the application form and send us your portfolio (of video or/and photo)! For the application please fill in the questionnaire available at: 


Youth FotoVideoTek is implemented with financial support from the European Commission and the Youth in Action Programme. Accommodation, food, as well as activities costs will be covered from the project budget. It is recommendable to get travel insurance but it will not be covered by the project budget.

Travel expenses will be covered in amount of 70% after collecting travel documents on condition that the participants use the cheapest ways of transportation and submitted original invoices for plane tickets, boarding passes, train and bus tickets. Taxi and first class tickets will not be reimbursed! 

It will be request from you a fee of 50 Euro to cover some activities costs. We will provide you accommodation and food in the best hotel in town, in 3*** hotel rooms


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