Testimonial about ARTCOM

ARTCOM... for me this project meant an escape from daily life, from routine, a chance to communicate with other persons through arts, a chance to learn new things not by writing them on a paper, but doing them.

The most beautiful thing was the fact that, although there we were four nations, we found a way to collaborate and to communicate very well, using only one language: ART. Through music, dance, theater or graphics we could educate ourselves and to educate in a non-verbal way. In the same time, we were able to be a unity and to create a final product which was good not only for us, but for our personality and for the others who watched us.

Also, ARTCOM was a opportunity for each participant to learn how is to express their feelings in front of foreign persons without stage fright. Because is very easy to express our feelings by body language, by singing, by dancing, by painting; maybe in this way we could express more and better what we felt in those moments.

It is very important to specify that in these 12 days we were like a big family, doing a lot of stuffs together like: eating, playing music, dancing, doing our tasks during the day, having fun, doing pranks during the night :).

Also, it was amazing that everybody shared a little bit about their culture, about their country or people, about their habits, about their traditional food. Regarding the last point, I have to thank the hosts for the good Italian food of every day.

Finally, I can say that it was a FULL experience, in which everybody had something to learn, because I can bet that every participant leaved San Giorgio del Sannio being richer.
So, if you have the opportunity “to test” the “Art for Communicating” don’t hesitate, JUST DO IT! (even if you don’t have any talent, you will discover it).

by Cojocaru Anisia-Raluca 

Anisia participated to the youth exchange "ARTCOM - Art for communication" organized in Italy. 

“ARTCOM: Art for Communicating” was a project of cultural exchange promoted by the cultural association Quinto Elemento. The chosen place and dates for the experience was a countryside in San Giorgio del Sannio, a small town close to the city of Benevento, in the south of Italy, from the 20th of August to the 2nd of September 2013. 

ARTCOM was a multilateral exchange about art, culture and European awareness in which the countries involved were Italy, Portugal, Romania and Greece. Five people and a group leader from each country were invited to participate in order to share a unique experience towards the research and, consequently, discovery of a new way to communicate in the world throughout their differences and their belonging to the European Community. This kind of route was done thanks to the help of team building, input requirement and becoming aware activities, thanks to the interaction with the community where people were hosted, thanks to challenging and self development activities. Everything was done with a peer-to-peer approach and using both indoor and outdoor activities. One of the tools used to go along this way was a final performance - that took place in the center of the close city of Benevento - totally realized by the participants thanks to the help of some young expert people from Italy. This performance was at the same time the occasion to share with the community of Benevento the results of the whole project and, for the participants, to understand the place in which they're hosted and where they're acting.


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