Call for EVS project: The "making of" 10 Young Social Entrepreneurs

SUPER TINERI ASIRYS Association from Tîrgu Frumos, Iaşi, Romania is searching for 10 partner organizations from the programme countries participating in Erasmus+ for an EVS project entitled The "making of" 10 Young Social Entrepreneurs which will be applied at the first deadline on 24th of March 2014 at the Romanian National Agency.

We are looking to cooperate with 10 different organizations from 10 different countries which are able to send each 1 EVS volunteer in the project for a duration of 2 months. The project will involve a total number of 10 EVS volunteers in 1 flow.

Interested organizations are kindly requested to send the following information by 20th of March 2014 (in the evening) to the following e-mail address:

- description of the partner organization
- PIC number and the information regarding the competition of the necessary documents to be uploaded on the EC web platform
- experience in connection with EVS and/or other activities connected with the Erasmus+ programme which might be relevant for this project
- information about the members which will be involved in the project on behalf of the partner organizations and their expertise in the field
- potential volunteers interested in the project and their CVs (if any) – please mention also if they are young people with fewer opportunities.

Based on the information provided there will be made a selection and the partner organizations will be required to send the partnership form (mandate) by 21th of March 2014.

The resume of the project:

The project The "making of" 10 Young Social Entrepreneurs has as target group 10 young people from Europe, young people aged 18-30 years, passionate of one or more of these topics: media, social-entrepreneurship, rural development, arts. 10 young people will do short-term European voluntary placements in our organization for 2 months. If the volunteers will like to continue the project, we will create a new EVS for long term, to fit their needs. 

The period of the mobility will be 20 July-20 September 2014. We will participate for some days, to several activities in Cluj-Napoca (the heart of Transilvania and the European Youth Capital 2015).

The volunteers will have the chance to develop their social entrepreneurship skills, to develop a personal project involving their passions, in order to achieve the competences of a social entrepreneur in community development. 

The activities of the volunteers will be:
- promote nonformal education and volunteering in at least 20 touristic rural communities of Moldova and Bucovina,
- create and implement media campaign in order to promote the local heritage,
-  learn more about the culture of Romania,
-  use their creative skills to develop sustainable services,
- implement a personal project in one of these topics: arts, media, rural development, social-entrepreneurship. For example a volunteer passionate about films, can do a documentary about rural youth from Romania. 

The project responds to the needs of young people to acquire expertise to develop social entrepreneurship projects that create employment opportunities, both for themselves and for their peers. The young participants will have the opportunity to learn a new language, to participate in innovative activities that will develop creativity, entrepreneurial skills, communication and presentation, will interact with new non-formal education methods and tools, they will make analysis of the management and of the development strategies of the organization and will take the best practice models. Participants will have the opportunity to develop themselves in a multicultural environment, which will acquire general knowledge about Europe. Through this project, young participants will have the chance to become a successful social entrepreneurs.

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