Youth Exchange: VideoMuzioTek - call for partners

The project "VideoMuzioTek" is a youth exchange which aims to involve 5 different partners. The youth exchange will take place in Iaşi, region of Romania, between 5-15 September 2014, during 10 days and will involve 25 participants (4 young people + 1 leader). In the last 2 days of the exchange, the participants will go to Cluj-Napoca (heart of Transilvania and the Youth Capital 2015) in order to promote their results (have a concert, share & shoot short-movies) and learn more about nonformal education. 

The participants should be passionate about video or/and music. The leaders should have knowledge about nonformal education and ready to manage an international group.

The themes of VideoMuzioTek are “art and culture” and „media”. The main objectives are:

- to achieve - by sharing, knowledge and skills about video tools and music in order to increase the visibility of nonformal education activities and projects, 
- to achieve knowledge about other European cultures, 
- to develop the creativity, 
- to promote the socialization among young people regardless of language, color, ethnicity, 
- to develop the team work and the communication skills in a foreign language, 
- to create some common results in order to promote volunteering and participation in international projects. 

To be partner of this project, please:

1.  fill in the AGREEMENT:

2. stamp and sign the MANDATE: 

and send them to till 20 March 2014, 00:00.  


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