Step by step about Erasmus Plus PIC registration

In the meantime, we have discovered something very important concerning PIC registration and would like to bring it to your attention.

When obtaining the ‘almighty’ PIC number ;) you may remember seeing in your confirmation email (sent to your mailboxes from ECAS web) that PIC is only TEMPORARY. Please go back to the email and read it carefully.

When completing the application and inserting our PICs we noticed that most of our organisations were listed as OTHER whereas it should be "non-governmental organisation/association/social enterprise" or "public body" or "educational institution" (depending on your profile!)

In order to comply with the rules, we’d like to ask you to complete the following actions ASAP and if not possible at least till Friday 21st March (as the deadline was extended till 24th March):

- log into the Participant portal

- click "organisations" (top, left side), then "my organisations" and then the red "MO" (modify organisation) button in the middle of the screen

- a new window (pop-up window) should open with your organisation's details

- at the bottom of this window on the left you should see a  "choose your framework programme" option;

- please select "Erasmus+"

- a new tab should then become available on the top of your pop-up window - "EAC" (next to the LEAR tab)

- click on "EAC"

- make sure your organisation type in the drop-down menu is "Non-governmental organisation/association/social enterprise" or the relevant description. It should not be OTHER!

- add your info in "organisation's description"


Please ensure that on your ECAS account you have uploaded all the necessary documents. In case of our country rules and the types of organizations we are these could differ but please ensure you have at least the following:


Please find downloadable forms and instructions on

You can of course choose the forms in your own native languages if these are available. Once filled in, please sign the pages, scan and upload to your ECAS account.

Steps to do that:

· Go to

· You need to log in using your organisation’s credentials,
· Go to Organisations
· Then to MO (Modify organization)
· Then go to documents (on the left)
· Upload the documents
· Save changes

These are little things but at least will help us ensure that we did everything we could for the project to be approved!