EVS în Berlin: Promoting active citizenship

Iată că un nou proiect EVS, depus de partenerul nostru, Citizens of Europe, din Berlin, a fost aprobat. Căutăm un tânăr activ, interesat să desfăşoare un stagiu de voluntariat pentru 12 în luni, în capitala Germaniei, în perioada martie 2018 - martie 2019. Mai multe detalii despre proiect, mai jos.


As Citizens of Europe e.V. exists thanks to the voluntary commitment of its members, and as some of them come directly from an EVS experience, we would like to offer to other young people the opportunity to experience on a daily basis what active European citizenship actually implies and at the same time to facilitate a personal and professional growth process by working at an NGO which deals with those topics in diverse fields of actions.

One volunteer from Romania will work for 12 months at the office of Citizens of Europe e.V. in Berlin focusing in particular on the theme of active citizenship. The volunteer will be between 21 and 30 to ensure the best possibilities for learning and personal development and to also to serve the needs of the hosting organization. The volunteer will have a genuine interest in Europe and in civil society projects. Beside supporting current activities of Citizens of Europe, the volunteer will have the possibility to build up and implement his/her own projects. This EVS project has a genuine pan-European scale, not only linking organizations from Romania and Germany, but looking at the core activities and the aim of Citizens of Europe – to bring Europeans closer to Europeans.

As we understand the importance of communication among different cultures, the volunteer will receive at the arrival a language course to improve linguistic skills, essential also for the integration process into civil society, which will be deepened throughout the year. Besides, the volunteer will be supporting the regular office work together with the responsible staff member. Volunteer's contribution will be highly encouraged also in supporting other members' projects and future activities in the long-term perspective.

In 2017-2018 the volunteer will be able to contribute to our annual short film festival “My Europe”, training courses in Romania, strategic partnership activities and meetings and many more activities coming up within our project timeframe. Furthermore, the volunteer will contribute to the development of new ideas and the implementation of projects including fundraising, promotion, participants management, training methods and final report.

The volunteer has the possibility not only to challenge and experience him/herself in an international team, but also to work independently in coordination with the office responsible and the chairman.

The volunteer has a possibility to improve his/her interpersonal and social competencies, such as adaptability and facing new challenges, teamwork with colleagues and sharing responsibilities. A volunteer  should be able to strengthen his communication skills both in English and in German helping to significantly increase his/her employability and preconditions for entrepreneurship. The volunteer will encourage a closer cooperation within existing networks in Germany and Romania on a grass-root level and establish new contacts which could grow through the years. The maintenance of this European connections will be a mutual interest, which apart from working experiences, will also allow transmission, comparison and understanding of values between different cultures.
Our past EVS projects were very sustainable in that regard, that all of our EVS volunteers continued to cooperate with Citizens of Europe or started their own projects and initiatives. 

Practical arrangements:

The volunteer will be working 4 days per week, having a longer weekend, for a total of 35 hours. Volunteer has 2 days holidays per working month - for the duration of the project. When not taken, those two days can be transferred, accumulated and added to the holiday. Furthermore, at the end of each EVS training, there will be two extra days off, not included in the holiday section. To cover food expenses the volunteer will receive monthly the fixed lump sum together with the pocket money. Volunteer will get a yearly pass for local transportation and Citizens of Europe will also pay for a Deutsche Bahn Card to diminish the travel costs for the EVS trainings organized by the National Agency. Concerning the accommodation, we will cover the expenses for a room in a shared flat with other volunteers or students according to the volunteer's preferences.


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