Rroma HeArt - first two days

Our organisation, SUPER TINERI (ASIRYS), hosted between 3-14 August 2018, "Rroma HeArt" youth exchange, involving 40 young people from 8 countries. During the 10 days mobility, we had also guests from Moldova and France, and we involved local partners and citizens from 5 villages and 2 cities.

In the first two days of the exchange,  40+ young people from Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey and Romania, got to know each other’s, learnt about the Rroma culture of Târgu Frumos and of the countries involved, worked in national and international groups, experienced Improvisation Theater, made presentations and prepared the plan for the experiential museum of European Rroma. During the evenings, the participants presented their countries, we were impressed by the Turkish dervish dance which was the perfect intro of the coming days!  
We were happy to have with us 6 members of "Youth Alma" Association, one of our good partners from Iaşi. Alexandra, one of the coordinators, helped us to energize the group and later, together with Lică, facilitated the Labirinth Theatre workshop. 

One method we used to get to know the local community, but also to start train the participants to work in multicultural team, was the "treasure hunt" activity called "Discover Rroma HeArt Town". We gave 10 tasks and 2 hours of accomplish them:  

1.    Create your group Rroma song!
2.    Learn a Rroma dance from Rroma locals and prepare to perform it while singing your Gypsy song.
3.    Collect ideas for the Rroma museum we will work next days.
4.    Find 3 interesting stories about Rroma and represent it by an exhibition of 3 relevant photos you made.
5.    Learn 5 Rroma words.
6.    Find out the history of the Rroma in Târgu Frumos.
7.    Draw or make a collage promoting the Experiential Museum of Rroma, from Băiceni.
8.    Make 3 pictures of the most interesting houses of Rroma in Târgu Frumos.
9.    Make a list of 20 beautiful Rroma songs (with links from Youtube) and upload it on the facebook group. 
10.    Gather at least 10 Rroma people, all together, and do a interesting group picture with them. Then do a short video with everybody screaming „Erasmus+”. 

"This Youth Exchange was very different than everything that we have ever experienced (also for those who were at the sixth Erasmus+ mobility), because of the activities that we did. Not only that we learned new things about the topic, but we had the opportunity to experience them, to feel like we have a connection with the things that we learn. Because we talked about Rroma people, we had the chance to meet with them, to feel like them, to live like them, to understand their needs, their lifes, how they live nowadays, how people treat them, and so on. All of these things in a really creative way, and the result of our hard work was an experiental museum which added a lot more feeling at everything that we did because was something that happened because of our activity. "Rroma HeArt" was more than a project, was a way to identify with the people we were learning about, also to discover and rediscover ourselves, to extend our limits and value more everything that we have around us." (Ioana Ursache)

Rroma HeArt is a project funded by Erasmus+RO, with the support of European Union - EU. 


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