Good news: Sports Activator is approved!

In April we applied to Sport Small Collaborative Partnerships, an action of Erasmus+ programme, and we were informed by the Executive Agency that the project is approved! 

Sports Activator (SpAct) is a small collaborative partnerships project with 3 main activities, involving 8 non-profit private and public partners from Bulgaria, Greece, Portugal, Romania and Turkey. 

The aim of Sports Activator is to raise the awareness on the value of sport and physical activity in relation to the personal, social and professional development of individuals.

To achieve this aim, the projects has to accomplish the following objectives:

  • To build a transnational network in the field of sport by organizing one transnational seminar among 33 youth workers, facilitators, trainers, teachers, coaches, volunteers, staff involved in sports clubs from Europe, youth passionate about sports, from Romania, Greece, Portugal, Bulgaria and Turkey, in order to create a toolbox with methods, instruments, good practices aiming to support the participation in sport and physical activity of youth;
  • To develop personally and professionally 20 voluntary leaders in sport, from 5 countries, by organizing one month of volunteering activity within an experiential sport center in Romania;
  • To implement a creative methodology for promoting sports, physical activity, nutrition and healthy lifestyle in Europe, by organizing 10 creative sport events in different 10 local communities, involving minimum 500 youth of Europe.

The sport activities will bring people together, reaching out to all, regardless of age or social origin, demonstrating that the practice of sport is a fundamental part of individuals’ socialization. Sports Activator will bring a contribution in the achievement of the Erasmus programme objective of promoting education in and through sport with special focus on skills development.


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