YE: Is tourism the answer for a better future?

At the youth exchange "is tourism the answer for a better future?" youngsters from 5 different countries (Slovenia, Turkey, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania) will come together
to learn about tourism and the development of our regions from where we are coming from.

Europe still didn't recover from the world financial crisis. The youngsters are still afraid of their future, because the employers are searching for young people that are 23 years old but they should have 20 - 30 years of experience. We all know that this is not possible.

On the other side, young people still don't get the chance to prove themselves to the local community that they are strong enough to manage something new and big.

Tourism is one of the most fastest growing industries in the world. People will always travel, because time of traveling got shorter, traveling got more comfortable and even the whole traveling got cheap and almost everyone can afford it now.

We will explore and learn how can we developed tourism in our home towns where we are coming from. Through the youth exchange we will learn how to turn our ideas into
actions and how to work as a big group of people all together.
The aim is to explore the labour market of our countries and see how young people are living and what are they doing after they finish with education. We will get to know what is tourism, what kind of tourism do we know and we will work a lot as one big team. The aim of our project will be to create new ideas that should help us to improve our regions and places where we are coming from. Through non-formal education we will learn how to turn our ideas into actions. Because of the topic we will also have a one-day excursion to learn about tourism in Pomurje region as a good example.


IS TOURISM THE ANSWER FOR A BETTER FUTURE? project is implemented with the financial support of the European Union through Erasmus+ program. We will cover
from the project budget, the following costs:
- Food, accommodation and activities (100%);
- Transport costs will be reimbursed on a lump sum basis

IMPORTANT! We reimburse the transport money ONLY if the participant will ACTIVELY take part during the whole project. This is international project with non-formal education that is granted from European fund. Participants should be aware that they are not on holidays!

There will be participation fee of 15€ (the fee will be intended for the excursion trip)


- Traditional food & drinks, to present at the national and intercultural evening.
- Flag from your country
- Photo & video camera & computer (if you have)
- Medicine that you usually use
- Passport or ID card
- Invoices and travel tickets for reimbursement
- European health insurance card or travel insurance
- Please inform us about your special needs
- Warm and sport clothes
- Presentation of your country, your town & region(PP, Prezi, video…)


The youth exchange will take place in the Mansion Rakičan, which holds 54 beds arranged through the rooms of various sizes. All of the rooms are equipped with private bathroom with shower, internet and TV. 


Working methods are: energizers, teamwork, icebreakers games, interactive and creative workshops, open-air workshops, visits, local environment visits at a youth exchange, discussions, role plays, reflections, informal gatherings, excursion etc.


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