Arts Lab 3.0.: Leire Saenz - Artistic October

The month of October was a really important month for all of us, since we had our first art exhibition at the Act House, under the name of “Beautiful Fair Town”, for which we had been working for the whole previous month. This period of time was really stressful and full of hard work, but it was incredibly especial seeing the pieces come together in a shared space. Four different ways of looking at the same place that brought us together and welcomed us, the same space that with time is slowly becoming less and less unfamiliar to us. In October, almost like an attempt of giving back, the Act House was full of the pieces that we created inspired on what Târgu Frumos has given to us during these months. For me, the most interesting and enriching part of the whole process was sharing our creations with the people from the town. It was a meeting point for the outside and the inside gaze of this place.

During October, we also continued working with Mr. Ciobanu, from whom we are learning to paint, and who we join on his studio once a week. The time we spend with him is so precious. The energy this man radiates is not similar to anything I have known before. Learning from him and listening to him is such a pleasure, and I feel we are learning so much more than just painting from our time with him.

October was the first month in which the Cinemaclub happened religiously every Friday. More and more people started to come, and we shared good time together, enjoyed the films and had conversations about the topics that they covered.

The last film we projected in October, in order to celebrate Halloween, was “Coco”. Everyone enjoyed the film.

We finished the month with a workshop in which we wrote, planned and recorded a short film, which we called “Day of the death”. We all had so much fun coming up with the main idea and recording in different locations of Târgu Frumos.

Local volunteers keep asking me if I regret coming here. I don’t and I have never. I continue to learn and experience this place and the opportunities it is giving me every day. 

The monthly report written by Leire Saenz Quevedo. She is volunteering within Arts Lab 3.0, a project funded by the European Solidarity Corps, with the support of the European Union. 


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