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Arts Lab 4.0: Month V, Cihan - Strage feeling

And we are in our fifth month. It sounds weird, but it's unbelievable that the project is now ending. I am in a strange feeling between the sadness that it will end and the happiness of the wonderful memories I now have. I will remember this beautiful experience with wonderful feelings. As for the topic of work this month. We started our work by watching documentaries on the Holocaust and what happen during that time in Iași county. For one week, we held art activities with students at the "Moldova High School", a school with a high concentration of visually impaired children. When we first met the students at school, I asked all of them as a group to write a poem about how they felt about the Jewish history in Târgu Frumos. In this way, a whole school wrote a poem together. Then we composed and recorded this poem together with the students who chose the music workshop. The result it is a great song. The youngsters were truly incredibly talented. They did a great job. The

Arts Lab 4.0: Month IV, Cihan - Strange

When I started to write these notes, it felt a little strange that four months had passed since the start of the project. Time passed so fast on the one hand, and on the other hand, it felt strange as if I had been living here for a much longer time because of the many memories we had. This month's theme is Rromani culture. This work was an enjoyable process for me. We started the project by watching many documentaries in order to get to know the Rroma culture better. Afterward, we watched one of my favorite movies, "Time for the Gypsies" together. Then we held art workshops in a secondary school for two weeks to introduce the Rroma culture to children. In these workshops, I worked on Rroma music with children. We learned, played and sang songs together. And at the concert I will organize on the day of the exhibition, some of these children will sing the songs they learned. I think it will be great. For the exhibition day, I will give a violin recital inspired by the &quo

Arts Lab 4.0: Month III, Cihan - Cucuteni

The subject of work of our art team this month was "Cucuteni Community".  What is Cucuteni? To put it briefly, it is one of the oldest civilizations in Europe dating from 5300-3200 BC. It got its name from the village of the same name, near Romania - Iaşi. It is a civilization whose first remains were discovered in 1884. There is not much information available about this community so far because this community sets its homes on fire at certain intervals throughout its life processes. And then they rebuild everything. It is known as a community that does not fight and focuses on art. I examined some of the craft products realized and discovered by this society in the museums we visited for our studies.  It was a very enjoyable process for me. The many wonderful symbols used on the pottery caught my attention the most. And then I tried to learn the meanings of these symbols. After we got enough information about the Cucuteni community, we held meetings with our art team to see

Arts Lab 4.0: Month II, Cihan - Precious memories

It's been two months since I came to Romania. I'm surprised. Time goes really fast here. In the process, I met hundreds of wonderful people. I learned great things about Romanian culture. We have organized workshops for hundreds of children in many schools. And we made great memories. As time went on, our dedication to our fellow artist volunteers grew into a wonderful collaboration and a wonderful friendship. I think my other friends would agree as well. Everyone always supports someone. And this is how our work goes very smoothly. Our unforgettable friendship stories are accumulating. We learn together, have fun together and travel together, and it's a really great experience.  I would like to talk about a few very precious memories that have remained in my mind this month. We attended the Romanian Folcloristica Festival. This event was so much fun. In this festival, I had the opportunity to observe and experience Romanian culture with its dances, songs, food and clothes.

Arts Lab 4.0: Month I, Cihan - Lucky

I came to Romania about 5 weeks ago to work as a volunteer in Art Lab 4th team. We are working as eight different artists in this project. Everyone produces works in other branches of art. I feel very lucky to get to know these wonderful people and to collaborate with them on art productions. The time passed really productively and quickly. We visited various exhibitions, museums, different cities and had the opportunity to get to know Romanian culture. Apart from these, we organized various workshops at Petru Rareș high-school. We met a lot of new people. We also organize nights of different cultures every week, our first night was about Romania. We learned dances, music, food, traditional stories in this night. Another event was the Spanish night, we got to know Spanish culture, tasted traditional food and drinks, got information about Madrid. We are currently working on alternative museums and folkloric works. I am learning Romanian culture and folk songs. I will make a Romanian mus