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Changemaker: Denisa Smerciu - Free Time Letter

Project Title : Free Time Letter Changemaker :  Denisa Smerciu Message for the world : Let's make all children's rights come true. 1. Previous experience: No,  I didn't.   2. The Problem : Children in rural areas have fewer options to explore their passions and do personal development activities. In addition to the lack of opportunities, we have really little free time. After finishing the school program, we must continue to work and to do exercises, sometimes on 5 or 6 different subjects, and, also, help our families with household chores. There are maybe one or two hours left, but is in the evening when we are not able to go out and spend time with our friends or just playing or do something we really like. Only a few teachers give us the chance to learn in a different way or include our passions in our homework. 3. The Solution :   I decided to do an online seminar with other 6 children from my village, Hăbășești, where we will discuss about: the right to free time