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Arts Lab 5.0: Muhammed Awed Badr Ali, Egypt - Month 5

Hello everyone, I hope this finds you well. Today, I would like to discuss the events of this month. Following the Jewish exhibition, my companions and I embarked on a journey to Bucharest for a mid-term break. We had the pleasure of meeting fellow volunteers who, like us, were staying in Romania, and we had the opportunity to learn about their projects. Meeting new people and engaging in conversations, as well as participating in various games and exploring Bucharest together, brought us great joy. We completed a number of tasks, captured memorable photographs at significant locations, and even indulged in other activities. Upon returning home, I thoroughly enjoyed my time watching movies and writing new songs. I joined my friends on the Jewish Caravan, during which we visited the House of Culture in Pașcani. The Bolivian and Turkish nights were particularly remarkable, but the UK night held a special place in my heart.  Raphaëlle and her mother prepared sweets and food for us it was

Arts Lab 5.0: Muhammed Awed Badr Ali, Egypt - Month 4

Hello, I hope all of you are well and in good health. I would like to discuss my recent month in Romania. It passed by quickly, yet it was a wonderful experience to celebrate Christmas and New Year in a different country like Romania. I truly enjoyed my time here, and it was a lot of fun. Before going on vacation, my friends and I organized a Secret Santa gift exchange. After that, everyone left to spend Christmas and New Year with their families and friends. I was really happy because it was my first time participating in a Secret Santa, and it has become a cherished memory for me in Romania. During the vacation at ACT HOUSE, it was very peaceful. The Christmas spirit was delightful, but I also missed my friends. It was just Ahmed and me, and we had a great time singing, playing the guitar, ping pong, card games, and cooking. Afterward, I returned to Moldova school to continue our workshop with Raphaëlle. We were astonished by the incredible talent of the children at this school; they

Arts Lab 5.0: Muhammed Awed Badr Ali, Egypt - Month 3

This month has been very good for me. It all started when my friends went to Moldova while Hassan, Ahmed, and I stayed home to think and work on our personal projects. I began the process of writing the lyrics for a Cucuteni song. It was a bit challenging since it wasn't the first song I had written for Cucuteni, but I love writing songs, so I was enjoying my time. It took me five hours of direct focus to write the lyrics. Next, I moved on to the part I love, which is creating the melody or rhythm for the lyrics. Sometimes I make the melody while I am writing, or after I finish writing the song. Regardless, on the second day after completing the lyrics, I went to our ceramic studio to record the song. It took about two hours. On the same day, Hassan and I were preparing for the Egyptian night, so I couldn't work on the song. The following day, I started working on my favorite part, mixing and mastering the song with the instrumental. I finished it, but I had to make some edits,

Arts Lab 5.0: Muhammed Awed Badr Ali, Egypt - Month 2

Today I'm going to talk about my second month in Romania with the best friends ever. This month went by so fast. I still remember writing the first report like it was yesterday. Not much happened, but at the same time, it was enjoyable. I started my new workshop at Școala Gimnazială "Garabet Ibrăileanu" in Tg. Frumos. It lasted for only 6 days, but I met the best students. They were very funny, kind, smart, and had amazing singing voices. My plan was to give them an introduction to Cucuteni Culture on the first day, as well as to get to know them better. We played some music, and I asked everyone to sing for me. They were amazing. On Day 2, we started writing a song representing Cucuteni culture. I gave everyone a piece of paper and showed them some song examples I had written for inspiration. Then, I let them start writing. Once they finished, we tried to collect and choose the best sentences from each paper to write the first verse of the song. I also emphasized the imp

Arts Lab 5.0: Muhammed Awed Badr Ali, Egypt - Month 1

In the first month in Romania, I participated in many events also joined in interviews, and made workshops at schools. This report is about everything my journey, what we did and how we felt during our activities. Me and my friends went to Todirești, Pașcani and Piatra Neamț together and had the chance to interview amazing people who were very creative in what they do. We learned about how they make their art, how they work hard to keep traditional methods alive, and how much they love what they do, how organized they are in everything.  I did workshops in schools. I taught different things like music and writing song. I am a singer and songwriter, so I shared what I know. The students were really excited and curious about music, so me and the kids wrote a song about Romania and we made the melody for it. It made me happy to see them be creative and get better during the workshops. I felt happy really and good inside because I tried to help keep traditional arts alive. which inspired m