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Arts Lab Report: A month of firsts

Airports are grey and smell of chemicals, at least that was the idea that I had. To bathe in the scent of flowers and spring was not on my list of expectations when I imagined myself taking my first steps on Romanian ground. But the air was the first thing that surprised me: no penetration of industrial gases but a welcoming fragrance of blossoming trees. Trying a really good dessert that appeared to be Hungarian and not Romanian and of which I forgot the name, crazy skies heavy of thunderstorms, my first glass of ţuica, eating delicious sarmale, witnessing interesting negotiation techniques with an initially reluctant local professional, seeing the commitment of local volunteers, the slight panic I felt right before giving my first ever workshop in the local school, struggling with language barriers, being welcomed on a school with a huge breakfast while they don’t even have running water, and lots more. These are some of the first things I've done in Romania. So what have I been