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Arts Lab 5.0: Sena Yavuz, Turkey - Month 5

While we were coming to the end, the month started a bit weird. Carlita turned back from Bolivia, so the ambiance of the home changed immediately with my Linda. But at the same time, we found Haşmet, seriously injured from his neck. So we had some stressful days when we were worrying about his life. So we spent a lot of time to take care of him in the best way possible. In the end, little Haşmetcito became good.  Then we went to our first caravan, which was in Ceplenița. In addition to enjoying the day with the kids, we visited some nice spots in the village, drank nice wines, and learned how to sew traditional Romanian blouses, which I enjoyed a lot.  While we were preparing our artwork for the JEMOM museum, we had a surprise birthday party for Hassancito, the grandpa of the house, and spent a nice time all together. For the personal artwork, I created a monument with a text talking about the term ‘’genocide’’, which was an excerpt from the book ''Pogromul de la Iași’’. As I r

Arts Lab 5.0: Sena Yavuz, Turkey - Month 4

Ups, I’m here again. I’m still not aware of the months that we spent all together in Romania. I feel like we are still in the beginning and there is a lot to go. But anyway, it is better to focus on the moment and enjoy it.  When it comes to the things that happened this month, I should say that it happened a lot! We started the month with an intense day. We visited the Jewish museum in Iași and got informed more about the Jewish people and the Holocaust. I should confess that the things that I learned there really touched me. After having this sad experience we went to the celebration of minorities event which changed our mood. We met with a lot of Rroma people and watched their amazing performances. We also did a short performance on the stage about our countries, which was fun. While all of these things were happening, we also gave an interview to the national TV. So we continue to gain fame across the Iaşi :’)  At the end of the day, we went to a dance school documented some artist

Arts Lab 5.0: Sena Yavuz, Turkey - Month 3

Wow, we ended the third month, which I really cannot believe. And now I’m here to write about the most exhausting but fulfilling month ever!  The third month again started with the photo session for the catalog for the Cucuteni Museum. We went to the Cucuteni and hiked to the hill, the view was amazing. I made some face paintings with Cucuteni patterns for my friends. Since it was really cold, I had some hard times about it, but we spent a nice day there. Then we visited the student club in our neighborhood. Gisela, her colleagues, and the kids performed music for us, as well as my friends. And we met some students from the Moldova school, the school for the next art residency. One of the girls from that school sang some songs and it really touched my soul. I had been really curious about the connection that we will build between us so I was looking forward to meeting with them.  Then the most exhausting week of the project came, the Moldova caravan! We left some of our friends in the

Arts Lab 5.0: Sena Yavuz, Turkey - Month 2

To be honest, I didn't even realize how the second month went by. It feels like it's gone by in the blink of an eye, and we haven't done too much. But when I checked my gallery to see what happened, I saw that we did a lot actually, including an exhibition.  Well, the month started with a big workshop organization. But the interesting part, it was not in the school, it was in our house! In the beginning, it was not a really good idea for me to host more than 50 kids in the house, but finally, it went well because the kids were really kind and excited. This time we tried something different with Raphaelle. We decided to do something that kids really love: face painting! We gave them a lot of paints and set them free. They painted us, we painted them, they painted each other. At the end of the day, everyone was decorated with folklore patterns somehow. But the most important part, everyone had a lot of fun! And at the end of the day, something happened. While sharing our feel

Arts Lab 5.0: Sena Yavuz, Turkey - Month 1

 It's only been a month since I came to Romania, but I have to admit that I already feel at home. Even now, I don't know how to put into words what I experienced and felt, so I can't even imagine the intensity of my feelings at the end of the project. Sharing a house with 12 different artists from completely different cultures; learning, teaching, and producing together is a challenging but satisfying feeling. Day by day, we began to understand and discover each other better. I realize that our bonds are getting stronger every day and we meet on more common ground. We have already started to have some traditions. Kitchen meetings at around 2 a.m., nightly meetings in the coziest room of our house, dinners we all eat together as a big family, and much more. We have already adopted a puppy we found at the train station, like a real family. The most exciting and loving creature I have ever seen in my life. He makes me feel very good when, while walking normally in the house, h