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Turing Scheme & Arts Lab 5.0: Raphaelle Kent, UK - Month 5

The second to last month of this project went very quickly, we finished our final residency, had many cultural nights and my family visited me from the UK. We also had mid term training in Bucharest for a few days, then with Violeta and Hajer we spent a few extra days exploring Bucharest and Sinaia.  It was a busy month with lots of good memories! The first of my family to visit were my mum and grandfather, I went to collect them from Iași airport, my grandfather wearing his traditional Scottish kilt. We drew a lot of attention on our way back to Târgu Frumos, lots of baffled stares and some giggles from children. When they arrived to our house we had a question time with my grandfather and it was so nice that they were welcomed by my friends in to our house.  We had a great few days showing them around the town and also hosting the UK culture night together. I was so lucky to have my mum there in real life to help me make an afternoon tea. My grandfather David wore again his tradition

Turing Scheme & Arts Lab 5.0: Raphaelle Kent, UK - Month 4

After I returned home it was strange at first to leave my friends in Romania and the bubble of Arts Lab 5.0, but I enjoyed my time seeing family, I made sarmale for them to try at home and it was nice to share the Romanian culture in my country. I was equally glad to come back to Târgu Frumos and begin the next chapter of the project. I returned from home early January and it felt good to be back in Târgu Frumos and hear about everyone's holidays. Going home made me realize how it will be hard at the end of the project to leave everyone after spending so much time together these past few months. So far this month, which is already the 4th month of the project… we have finished the residency at Moldova high school and had a caravan of Cucuteni in a nearby village. I was pleased with the song the students created together at the end of the residency at Moldova school and we hope to perform it in the JEMOM museum next week. I turned 25 this month and my friends surprised me with a lov

Turing Scheme & Arts Lab 5.0: Raphaelle Kent, UK - Month 3

In November was the final event at Petru Rareș school where we gave the students certificates and got to revisit the art works we made together. It was the harvest festival so we got involved in traditional dances and there was autumnal decoration and food.  The most memorable moment of this month was definitely the week we spent in Moldova on the caravan. This was a very intense week where on the one hand we got to explore many new interesting places, meet new people and grow our experience, whilst on the other hand this week was very full on and tiring and it’s safe to say we came back to ACT house very glad to have a few days off! In Moldova there were many moments where I loved being with the girls as we had fun together traveling around in the van and the situations we found ourselves in (good or bad) for sure brought us all closer together. For me, one of the most beautiful moments was visiting a monastery in a cave at nightfall. The cave was lit by candles and a single monk was

Turing Scheme & Arts Lab 5.0: Raphaelle Kent, UK - Month 2

This month has gone by very fast, it doesn’t seem like long ago I was writing the first monthly report. Since the folkloric exhibition in our home we have begun the Cucuteni Alternative museum project, starting with an artist residency in another local school.  The group of children, Hajer and I had in our workshop team, were really amazing to work with, I enjoyed the residency very much and looked forward to going to the school each day! The children were very passionate and enthusiastic about learning crafts. We baked bread with them in the classroom, and along with Violeta made clay bowls, created dresses decorated with Cucuteni symbols and learnt print making techniques during the 6 days spent at the school. The experience had a very positive impact on me and the children’s energy was very refreshing and positive. I will be glad if they can come and see their hard work in the Cucuteni final exhibition.  As well as the work we are doing for the project I have become even closer with

Turing Scheme & Arts Lab 5.0: Raphaelle Kent, UK - Month 1

The first month of the project has been very busy, meeting new people, discovering Romanian culture, organising workshops and taking part in various other art projects. During the first couple of weeks we attended the Folcloristica festival in a nearby village. The 3 day festival had some beautiful moments including visiting artists and crafters in their homes, traveling by horse and cart between the locations and watching the traditional songs and dances performed by local children. During the festival, artists were required to create a workshop. I organised a workshop for children where they could connect to Romanian folk music by painting the emotions the music made them feel as we listened together. Since then I have taken part in an art residency at a school for children who aren’t in mainstream education. The residency involved creatively working with stones and cement to leave an artistic mark on the school. With the teenagers we painted stones together with folkloric patterns a