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Arts Lab 4.0: Month V, Yavuzhan Gumus - Giving the best

After spending some time in Romania, I visited Turkey. When I returned, this month's topic was Rroma culture. Although I couldn't spend time with the students at school, I managed to create two art products related to the subject. I learned historical and cultural information about the Rroma and discovered new songs. Although the process was good for me, it was also painful because I am dealing with toothache. During this month, I thought about what I learned in this project until now: I improved my English, I did some workshops. Most of the things I learned were thanks to the people I met. Also I realized that I’m so closed to the sixth month project.  Some moments were difficult but I really enjoyed the project until now and I’m proud of what we did. I hope that the last exhibition (Jewish museum) will be the best one.  In the next weeks in Romania I want to give the best I can in this project other than having fun with my friends.  Yavuzhan Gumus is from Turkey and he

Arts Lab 4.0: Month IV, Yavuzhan Gumus - A lot of fun

This month's topic is the Cucuteni civilization. Working on creating the exhibition for this Cucuteni Alternative was interesting to me because we don't know much about this society, we don't have any written sources from their times, except ceramic. I understood that these people didn't fight, they concentrated on art, and they periodically burned their entire settlement. They worked a lot to rebuild their houses. No one has clarified the reason for these events. This month I went to a new school and shared this information with the students. I explained the building plan of Cucuteni and asked the students to draw a community plan. During the other workshops, I asked them to make houses from clay material and these houses became part of the final product that I presented during the final exhibition.  It was a lot of fun to work with the students and I can't wait for the next topic.   Yavuzhan Gumus is from Turkey and he is doing a long-term volunteering project i

Arts Lab 4.0: Month III, Yavuzhan Gumus - Countless

I have completed my third month in Romania, during this period I have participated in many different activities and I met countless nice people. Now we have finished the exhibition and activities for the Alternative Folklore Museum that we have been working on for days. This process was very enjoyable, it helped us to get to know the Romanian culture well. Besides that, we gave people the opportunity to participate in activities where they had fun and learned. At the end of this topic, we had our final exhibition, and thanks to this event, I had the opportunity to reflect on the whole process again. I had the chance to see again what great work my teammates did. I made 22 sculptures inspired by Romanian myths, legends, and stories, that I presented during the exhibition using a non-formal approach. We have the Cucuteni Alternative Museum ahead of us, I can't wait for that. And we started to feel the real winter in Romania, it snowed for the first time. Yavuzhan Gumus is from Turke

Arts Lab 4.0: Month II, Yavuzhan Gumus - Learning about Romania

I spent my second month in Romania, and during this time I made many friends. This month the Arts Lab 4.0 team has been completed and we are now eight people. We visited exhibitions, museums, and different cities and we had the opportunity to get to know Romanian culture. Apart from these, we organized various workshops at Petru Rareș high school. I've been to events organized by my teammates in different art fields. It felt very good to learn. We also organize nights of different cultures every week, our first event was about Romania. We learned dances and music, tasted the food, and discovered traditional stories. Another event was the Spanish night, we got to know the Spanish culture, tasted traditional foods and drinks, and got information about Madrid. These intercultural events are very enjoyable. We are currently working on the Alternative Museum of Folklore. I am learning about Romanian culture and various stories and I am working to create sculptures inspired by Romanian c

Arts Lab 4.0: Month I, Yavuzhan Gumus - A piece of myself

Hey you, I’m Yavuzhan Gumus from Turkiye. I’m a visual art teacher and also a sculptor. It's been a month since I arrived in Târgu Frumos, this town is more beautiful than I could have imagined, it is full of nature and is very peaceful.   We participated in a lot of activities but my favorites were the events at Sturdza Palace in Miclăușeni and the Human Symposium of Ionela Mihuleac, from Cucuteni.   At Miclăușeni castle, in the ''Journey to 1900'' event, I got the role of Prince George and I did a ceramic workshop on the topic of the Cucuteni civilization. We needed to diversify our approach because the people didn’t know much about the Cucuteni civilization. So besides ceramic, we had music, and drawing workshops. Non-formal education helps people to remember better and learn faster. Doing a workshop in a castle made me feel a connection with the history of Romania.   During my first month, I met some very kind people who have always helped me when I needed it, a