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Grant Announcement: Community led monitoring and advocacy on Roma health

Open Society Foundations Public Health Program (AMHI) Grant Announcement. Community led monitoring and advocacy on Roma health, Request for Letters of Intent (LOIs), July 2014. The Open Society Foundations’ Public Health Program (PHP) is committed to advancing health and human rights. The Accountability and Monitoring in Health Initiative (AMHI) of the Public Health Program contributes to this mission by supporting civil society groups to effectively and strategically use community monitoring and applied budget work to push for greater accountability and transparency in the financing and delivery of health care at the local, national, regional and global levels. Roma Health Project (RHP) adheres to PHP vision, mission and goals with a focus on advancing the health and health-related rights of Roma persons, who as a rule experience discrimination and human rights violations and have unequal and inequitable access to health and health care as a result of their ethnicity and consequent