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A personal guide to successful workshops for European projects

My name is Valentin. I studied digital marketing, I'm passionate about arts and worked 8 months as a youth worker. I created and facilitated 6 workshops; Photography Lab, Music Lab, Chess Club, Digital Lab (about digital marketing and creation), Iron Mind (about argumentation and persuasion), French classes and some workshops about European values. Around 400 youngsters benefit them. In this short guide, I put everything I learnt on how to create, promote, animate and maintain a workshop in European projects context. Introduction  My coordinator is finishing her presentation speech and passing the mic to me. It's my turn to speak. In front of me, 53 Romanian students of a difficult high school are waiting to hear what a French Erasmus+ volunteer has to say. Like the 5 others members of our Arts Lab caravan, I created a workshop using arts to enhance the life of youngsters and I have a few seconds to introduce it with passion and credibility, so people decide to sign up to it, o