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Call for Erasmus+ Partners: MultipleQ

In an ever-changing world, which is tormented by a political and economic crisis, conflicts and the loss of cultural identity, we need youth workers that are adaptive, capable of tackling the changes, driven by a constant need for bringing something new and innovative for problem-solving. In line with this, the needs of young people are constantly changing and that is why youth work has to be able to adjust itself to these changes and should be able to give adequate support. The project „Multiple Q” is connecting organisations, youth workers, volunteers and young people to work in a proactive and innovative way in order to design a quality approach for youth work, improving the methodologies and the capacity to work with young people. The project aim is to develop an innovative curriculum to be applied by youth workers and organizations in order to both improve and prove the youth work impact and value in the lives of young people and for society. The project wants to involve at leas