Aim Higher: Promoting Safety and Quality in Youth Projects

Youth in Action Training Course: “Aim Higher: Promoting Safety and Quality in Youth Projects”
Arrival Date: 22nd August 2013 Departure Date: 29th August 2013, UK

Deadline for apply to SUPER TINERI: 25 July 2013 
Please fill in the application available here: 

This Training Course focuses on the themes of Heath and European awareness. It will bring together 29 youth workers, youth organisations’ coordinating staff as well as volunteers from across Europe. The aims are to promote high standards in youth projects by working collaboratively together to increase the knowledge and competences of youth workers, leaders and project coordinators/managers, developing guidelines to implement safe, quality projects.

We will use informal learning methods such as ice-breakers and energizers, team building exercises, small group discussions, role-plays, individual reflection, feedback and evaluation activities.

The objectives are:
- To provide participants with the tools to design an Intercultural Learning process and to prepare participants for an intercultural meeting;
- To give participants tools on how to manage a conflict situation;
- To share tools allowing the design of a child protection and safety plan;
- To give the participants tools to conduct a risk assessment and based on that to develop an emergency plan;
- To teach the participants basic first aid;
- To promote new partnerships among the participants;
- To promote the confidence of organizers of youth projects and to encourage them to be more inclusive
- To make guidelines for youth projects concerning safety and child protection, conflict management and intercultural preparation.

Venue and Accommodation

Training course will be held in the historical city of Worcester. It’s a small, yet very lively and colourful city that will offer a great venue for both daily activities and evening entertainment. Detailed information related to accommodation and training venue will be provided at a later stage.
All food is included during the training course.

To read more about Worcester, please visit:

This course will gather 29 participants from 8 different countries:
 United Kingdom – 4 pax
 Poland – 4 pax
 Portugal – 4 pax
 Sweden – 3 pax
 Romania – 3 pax
 Hungary – 4 pax
 Italy (Joint) – 2 pax
 Italy (Link)– 2 pax

Since the course is practical in nature and does not require any background knowledge, we would like to leave the very selection of your participants to yourselves. We do would like you to pick up, though, people who are either staff members, volunteers or any other active people working with or in close connection with your organisations. Also, for the participants to benefit from the project they should be involved in work with young people in any capacity. This will ensure that their knowledge gained during the course is shared and disseminated further back at home.

Health Insurance
Health insurance will not be provided or reimbursed by the organisers. All participants are required to purchase health insurance individually. If you live in an EU country and use a national health insurance system there, please apply for a FREE European Health Insurance Card:

Intercultural evening – all participants will have the chance to present their country and culture. Please bring with you some music, food and drinks representing your country or culture for all to share.

Should there be any further questions, please…