Seminar in Czech Republic

Between 20-26 November 2013, SUPER TINERI is participating in the project "Volunteering work to combat unemployment", organized by Educator in Ostrava, Czech Republic. 

The project is about exploring the possibilities of promoting and engaging the youth in voluntary work that would help young people to face the unemployment, poverty and lack of education and professional development. Simplifying the project is about the connection between volunteering and employability. 

The Romanian participants are Mihaela Diana Podariu, Daniel Petruneac and Costin Chirica. 

Today it was the first day and we entered directly in the world of local NGOs. At 8.50 we went to visit Charity Ostrava. We were amazed by their work and the great impact in different types of "clients" in need. 

In the afternoon, after knowing each other, we participated in 2 nonformal activities, in order to work in teams and share our knowledge about volunteering. 

Firstly we had the task to build one bridge, but being divided in 3 groups, without the possibility to speak during the construction process. We had the chance to present (plenary) our plans at the beginning of the session and also, during the construction phase, one member of each team negotiate the dimensions and the way of doing the bridge. The result: maybe unsuccessful for a technician, but for the purpose of a non-formal exercise it was definitely a success.  We saw that is hard to communicate, we don't have the same way of understanding the same tasks, few people are taking the responsibility and if they are taking it, the others can decide not to follow the idea.

The second activity was to discuss about the values of volunteering and employability. We had 6 magic "hats" with 6 key words. We had the opportunity to approach 3 hats and the conclusions can be resumed in that volunteering will definitely help you to find the job of your dream.

What's next: a visit to the mines of Ostrava and to the city center, best practices of the project partners, an EVS presentation, the intercultural night, a speech from a representative of European Commission, an event in the local community! So far the project is a success! 


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