Our project partners

During the last 3 years we cooperated with more than 200 organizations, NGOs, public institutions from more than 35 countries. We sent young people from Romania to more than 70 international projects and we organized and hosted 10 youth projects in our city. We believe that is very important for a project to have good and long term partners, so we are happy to introduce you our international partners:

RIS, Raziskovalno in izobraževalno središče Dvorec Rakičan (eng.: Research and Educational Centre Mansion Rakičan) - SLOVENIA

Research and Educational Centre Mansion Rakičan is a public regional organization from Rakičan, Slovenia and is founded by the Municipality of Murska Sobota and co-founded by the Association for Technical Culture of Slovenia. RIS works in the field of research, education, tourism and intergenerational cooperation. Our goal is to strengthen our position in relevant strategic areas, something we wish to achieve by consolidating and concentrating our resources, thus we cooperate with the local community, business partners and other international organizations. We are also involved in cross-border and international projects and therefore act as a dynamic and adaptable institution, open to change, carrying out interdisciplinary work and developing a successful synergy between education, research and innovation.


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