Balkan Music and Dance Festival in Greece

We are all different but we are all the same – we could say that about the friendly Balkan people. It’s well known that besides loveliness, people from Balkan countries share rich cultural heritage which we should cherish and enjoy.

Youth Center of Epirus and municipality of Pogoni area (Epirus region, Greece) welcomes various kinds of folklore and modern folklore music bands to the Balkan Music and Dance Festival in Pogoni area from 5th to 10th of August 2014! We welcome music bands that play traditional music and especially traditional music with a modern touch, also traditional dance groups.

We plan to host totally around 60 artists from Balkan countries, mostly music bands, very few dance groups and a quite big audience. The festival will take place in the nature, near by a beautiful mountain river of Kalama (Agious). We are going to cover all the costs of stay of all the artists, also their travel inside Greece.

All interested people are welcome to contact us via e-mail for more details and application. And you are welcome to read about Youth Center of Epirus in our web site -

And of course, if you are in a traditional, modern-traditional music band or in a traditional dance group, you are welcome to share this welcoming message to your group, to your friends and anyone you think might be interested to participate!


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