Call for writers: European Dignities - Winter Edition

The EUROPEAN DIGNITIES journal provides to young people from all over Europe, a way to communicate and express, to demonstrate and discuss about what is happening around them. Therefore, European Dignities is the Voice of Europe's Youth! The first 2 issues had a great success and you can read them HERE and HERE. The journal has accreditation and it is registered as: ISSN 2360 – 6355.

If you want to have a contribution, please send it to us at Bellow you can check the thematic, sections and general rules for the magazine. 

Maybe you remember a #song, a beautiful poem or some good lines from movies. This is the reason why at the end of 2014 we want to give the opportunity to everyone that have some special lines to share it for our readers. From Goethe to Whitman, from Woody Allen to Lana del Rey we are sure of the wonderful lines and the healthy environment for understanding created by them. Like W. Whitman said – “I am enamour’d of growing out-doors”, let’s leave these best lines to generate open doors for our imagination, happiness, creativity and human understanding. At the end of the year we just want to be in the world of best lines to have a great 2015.

So for Winter 2014 the topic is Best lines (lyrics)!

Every single article, photo, interview or photo-report shared with young people around the world can be a source of information and also, a source of inspiration for them as humans who are interested to educate themselves.

This things being said, we are impatiently waiting for your work (lines, articles, photos, drawings, photo-reports, reports etc.) to until 25 November 2014.
Before sending us your work, we kindly recommend you to read the general rules available HERE

European Dignities Journal is part of Young European TroubleShooters project,  financed by Youth in Action Programme, with the support of European Commision.