European Mozaic

European Mozaic is a youth exchange which aims to promote European cooperation, nonformal education and volunteering through arts. The seminar will take place in Tirgu Frumos, Iaşi and adjacent rural areas, Romania, between 18 - 29 August 2015.  The exchange will last 10 days, involving 30 participants. During the youth exchange, the participants will learn more about each other cultures, will create a Mosaic show mixing words, music, dance steps, traditions from all the countries involved, photography and film-making, having the chance to experience and learn through nonformal education.

The main objectives of the project are:
- to achieve - by sharing, knowledge and skills about nonformal education, volunteering and different type of arts,
- to achieve knowledge about other European cultures,
- to develop the creativity,
- to promote the socialization among young people regardless of language, color, ethnicity,
- to develop the team work and the communication skills in a foreign language,
- to create common results (a multicultural show) in order to promote volunteering and participation in international projects.

The draft programme of the exchange is:
First day - knowing each other, photography workshop
Second day - discover more about each country history through labyrinth theater. 
Third day - mix the dances.
Fourth day - cooking traditional receipts. 
Fifth day - visits and shooting a movie in historical places! 
Sixth day - music - we will learn songs from the other countries. 
Seventh day - create a common song and dance, with words from all the countries involved.
Eighth day - preparing the performance for the community. 
Nine day - the performance on the stage with all town invited. 
Ten day - evaluation, visit to Iaşi.


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