ParaEuropean Games - Youth Exchange

The "ParaEuropean Games" is a multicultural youth exchange, that will take place between 20-29 September 2015, in Tîrgu Frumos and Iaşi, Romania. ParaEuropean Games aims to gather eight different nationalities for 8 days in an intercultural exchange under  the themes of European citizenship, sport and inclusion.

The participants will have the opportunity to experience tolerance in working with special children, they will choose and create a sport event – ParaEuropean games, and they will develop their skills through workshops (art-craft, sports, public speaking). The participants will share and learn more about European citizenship  and  social integration through sports.

It’s an innovating project for our community that will involve at least 40 young people in the youth exchange and at least 100 youth in the activities. The youth exchange it’s a non formal way to tackle the discrimination with which the youth with disabilities are confronting, focusing on sports, art-craft and tradition.

The project encourages better collaboration between European countries and suggests the involvement of youth in the fight for social inclusion through volunteering, sports and non-formal education. Project themes are disability, sport and art-craft. Youths from different countries of Europe, young people from the community and even from the area, local and regional figures and institutions that are interested in issues of social inclusion and youth with disabilities, everyone will gather to create an example of good practice at European level.