I-COACH: Training în Italia

Selectăm 2 persoane, cu vârsta 18 +, pentru a participa la un training despre coaching în regiunea Puglia, Italia, în perioada 8-15 septembrie. Cazarea, masa și materialele de training sunt acoperite de organizatori, iar transportul este decontat în limita a 275 euro. Cei care doresc să participe, trebuie să realizeze o activitate sau un eveniment (online sau offline) pe o temă la alegere, în cadrul Centrului de Voluntariat Tîrgu Frumos. Activitatea sau evenimentului poate fi de orice tip (seminar, concurs, atelier, prezentare etc.), important e să fie implementat înainte de a pleca în Italia.

Dacă doreşti să participi în acest proiect şi ai o idee clară de eveniment, te rugăm să ne scrii un mesaj pe www.facebook.com/ASIRYS. Dacă eşti din alt oraş, te aşteptăm cu drag la Tîrgu Frumos ori planifică-ți evenimentul astfel încât să-l poți realiza online.

Mai jos puteţi găsiţi câteva informaţii despre proiect. Dacă aveţi întrebări, le aşteptăm pe www.facebook.com/ASIRYS și voluntarasirys@gmail.com. 

The training course "I-COACH Intercultural Coaching for Youth Workers" is an Erasmus+ Key Action 1 Mobility of youth workers project.

There are 8 Erasmus Plus programme countries involved (Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Estonia) with 3 participants each.

The training’s main objective is to increase coaching competencies of youth workers who are working with youngsters with fewer opportunities or socially excluded. Active listening, asking the right question, giving and receiving feedback are some among concepts that we will be exploring in our training. The training also aims to give participants a better understanding of coaching compared with similar helping professions such as counselling, mentoring, advising, psychotherapy.

Objectives of the TC

- To explore the concept of coaching and the differences with similar helping professions;
- To provide concrete soft skill for young workers in order to act as multipliers in their organizations or communities;
- To develop young people’s practice in active listening and rephrasing and non-violent communication as a basic skill for a more effective communication;
- Train youth activists, leaders and youth workers how to ask the right questions to foster critical thinking in young people;
- Develop youth workers ability to formulate and receive feedback by managing emotions;
- Train youth workers on brining youth people towards action, visualizing and setting the right goals;
- Train youth workers to improve skills such as leadership, communication and decision-making;
- Train youth workers to apply coaching skills in intercultural environments thought the concept of social inclusion;
- Create a peer group of young motivated and creative people that can act as multipliers in their organizations or communities.

Expected outcomes

One of the main challenges addressed by the EU Programme Erasmus+ is to fight the rising level of unemployment among young people due, among other things, to Europe's young people’s lack of “soft skills” (such as confidence, teamwork, self-motivation, networking and presentation skills..) that are now considered essential by many employers.

In a world which is constantly changing, it is essential to empower youth workers with coaching skills, one of the most powerful among all soft skills, in order to be able to coach young people in their environment on how to discover and build their own resources and soft skills such as leadership, team work, empathy, non-violent communication; to manage different challenges in their lives and increase their chances of success in their job search or job creation.

When it comes to young people, access to coaching is very limited because of social, cultural and financial barriers. On the other side young people are those who more than other categories need a space to develop awareness of their own passions, interests, values and aspirations so they can grow and develop in an authentic way.

Aim of this project is to provide youth workers with basic coaching skills through which they can act in their local communities and support young people to explore, learn, grow and move forward to a place of clarity, confidence and action.

The TC programme will facilitate the exchange of experience and best practices among participants from different European Organizations.
The methodology used during the training will consist of non-formal learning methods including ice-breakers, brainstorming, working groups, role-plays, daily feedback and active participation.

Participants' profile
Participants will be either volunteer or professional youth workers and youth leaders, active in youth work on local or European level. Participants need to be motivated to engage as active citizens in their local communities. They must be able to attend the full duration of the course, as well as be willing to deliver local activities as a result of the course. Participants need to be fluent in English.

Travelling to Italy
All participants are expected to arrive in BARI or BRINDISI Airports, and will be picked-up by the organisers from the airport.
The Erasmus+ rules stipulate participants need to travel using the cheapest means of transport, economy class, direct route without long stopovers.
Please see travel cost section below for details of travel reimbursement policy.
Although participants can plan their travel individually and arrive earlier/depart later, the organisers can only commit to reimburse and organise board and lodging during the mentioned training days. If you plan to travel outside the official project dates (08-15 September) you should contact us providing the reasons and buy ticket only if permission granted, otherwise you would not get reimbursement. Stopovers of more than 12 hours need to be agreed with the Italian NA.
Participants’ travel costs from their home city to Fasano will be reimbursed according to Erasmus+ Programme rules and ASAP regulations (we are subject to Italian legislation in terms of accounting and book-keeping).

Reimbursement rules:
- PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANY TICKETS before consulting the price/route with the organisers (you can only buy tickets once your application has been accepted by ASAP).
- Reimbursement will be done based on the EU Distance Calculator: http:// ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/tools/distance_en.htm (distance is calculated as one-way journey, but the amount in the Programme Guide is for a return trip);
- Participants are only allowed to travel to/from their partner countries (e.g. Romania from Romania, Lithuania from Lithuania etc.);
- Reimbursement of travel costs will only be done upon presentation of ALL original tickets, receipt/invoices and boarding passes (including return tickets). Documents provided must clearly state date of purchase, route and means of travel, name of the passenger, method of payment and price paid. Documents in languages other than English have to be translated by participants;
- Participants will be asked to send the originals of all return documents and boarding passes. Under no circumstances will tickets be pre-paid (i.e. you need to present all return tickets during the project in order to be reimbursed – please buy all your tickets in advance);
- Reimbursement will be done in EUR, regardless of the currency indicated on the ticket and receipt/invoice. Any tickets purchased in a local currency other than EUR, will then be converted and calculated according to the exchange rate of the month when the grant agreement for this project will be signed by the Italian NA, as stated in the official European Commission web-site at http://ec.europa.eu/budget/inforeuro/index.cfm?Language=en.

Masseria Narducci - http://www.agriturismonarducci.it
You will be accommodated in double or triple single-sex rooms with en suite bathroom.
The Hotel has free Wifi. Towels/bed linen will be provided
Food: three nice Italian meals will be served at the hotel restaurant plus two coffee breaks per day.
If you have special dietary needs, please let us know.

Participation Fee

A participation fee of 25 EURO will be deducted from travel reimbursement.

Preparatory process
Once your place is confirmed, please make the following preparations:
- NGO Fair: please bring materials about your organisation and their activities;
- Coaching good practice sharing: we would like you to share examples of successful projects and tools used by your organisation;
- Intercultural Evening: please remember to bring whatever you think is important and worth sharing about your country, community and culture – including food, drinks, Music etc.