Schimb de tineri: NASA - Natural and Sustainable Alternatives - Lituania

A doua propunere pentru vara anului 2017 este o mobilitate de învăţare nonformală Erasmus Plus, în Skautų slenis, Ukmergė, Lituania. În perioada 20 august - 31 august 2017 aveţi şansa de a participa la un schimb de tineri cu participanţi din Cehia, Croaţia şi Ucraina. Pentru a participa trebuie să realizaţi activităţi de voluntariat în cadrul Asociaţiei SUPER TINERI. Pentru inscriere, completati acest formular: Mai multe detalii despre proiect, puteţi citi mai jos. 

Aims of the project:

- Discover alternative and environmentally friendly options for living;
- Discover alternative building similarities and differences between different cultures;
- Gain practical skills using different methods (straw bale building, cob construction, permaculture and natural farming);
- Get to know how people live in eco communities in Lithuania;
- Promote village life style among young people.

Number of participants
7 participants (18-30 years old) + 1 leader (no age limit) per country.
40 participants in total.

Organisations involved:
Skautų slėnis - Lithuania
KAPRALUV MLYN - Czech Republic
Turbina promjena - Croatia
Union Forum - Ukraine

The youth exchange will be held in Scout valley Campsite in Lithuania
Tents will be provided, yurt will be available for a day programme.
Scout valley is located in surrounding of a beautiful wild nature, forests and a stream. Near by (14 km away) is an old Town Ukmergė. Its 70 km away from the main biggest cities Vilnius and Kaunas.

Solar showers, compostable toilets and pond for swimming on site.

What to bring with you: 
+ Sleeping bag; 
+ Clothes and shoes for hot/cold/rainy weather (no boring weather here:); 
+ Comfortable shoes and clothes for muddy work; 
+ Swimming suit; 
+ Personal hygiene things; 
+ Medication if you need some; 
+ Identity card; 
+ European insurance card (the blue one); 
+ Health insurance; 
+ Adventurous spirit.


- Travel expenses will be covered according to Erasmus+ guidelines. 
- Participants have to arrive on 20th AUGUST 
- Depart on 31st AUGUST. 
- Any other options are on participants own expense. 
- Consult and get the approval from us before you buy the tickets. 
- The whole group from the same country preferably should travel together with the same plane/bus. 
- The pick up will be organised from the airport/bus station in the evening of 20th August from VILNIUS and/or KAUNAS 
- The drop off in the morning of 31st August. 

Travel reimbursment: 
In order to reimburse the money you have to bring with you: 
1. The original invoice of the flight/bus ticket (with a clear mark how much you have paid). This invoice should be addressed to yourself or your organisation. 
2. If you pay by cash - save the receipt, by bank - print the bank statement. We strongly advice to buy the tickets at once from one account. 
3. Save all boarding passes - even if it is a simple printed A4 paper - we need the original. No boarding pass = no reimbursement.

Reimbursement for travel costs will be made after all boarding passes (both ways) are collected from all of the participants, Invoice from sending organisation issued and all leaders rapports submitted to the mobility tool system. The travelling refunds will be given via bank transfer directly to your leaders or organisations bank account and will be distributed accordingly to the 8 participants from that Country.  

Travel budget 
Romania - 170 Eur* 
Czech Republic - 170 Eur* 
Croatia - 170 Eur* 
Ukraine - 170 Eur* 
* Both ways. Should the flight chosen by the participants be more than the travel grant, then participants have to bear the extra cost.

Before your arrival 
Every group should make a presentation on different alternative building materials used in your country (straw bale houses, traditional building materials, eco solutions, eco villages and communities etc.) 


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