Call for participants: Youth Exchange in Romania

We are selecting participants (5 per country), from Slovenia to attend the youth exchange called "Rroma HeArt". The project will be organized between 3-14 August 2018, in Romania, Tîrgu Frumos and Iasi city but also in different villages of the region, experiencing the lifestyle of a Rroma Caravan. 

The project will give you the taste of the most beautiful aspects of Rroma culture: music, dance, cuisine, beliefs, magic, crafts, traditions, cultural heritage, fashion, promoting the freedom of spirit, the creativity, the joy of life and the unity. If you are an artist or a person who loves arts (18 to 30 years old) and you are interested to share and learn about Rroma culture, this youth exchange is for you!

To apply, please fill in the form: FORM

Rroma HeArt is a youth exchange between 40 young people, from 8 countries, which aims to develop solidarity and promote tolerance towards minorities, particularly with Rroma. During the exchange, the youth will experience non-formal art methods as dance-theater, clay workshop, forum theater etc. and in the same time, they will work to create a big cultural event dedicated to Rroma culture. Two of the outputs of this event will be the design of a creative Rroma village and an European mini-museum of Rroma culture, which will underline the beauty of the Rroma culture all over Europe. During 10 days of exchange, the participants will discover Rroma culture, will visit and work in Rroma villages and will experience the "nomad lifestyle", all of these, with the purpose to develop themselves and to learn how to promote the tolerance, the intercultural learning and the nonformal education. 

Objectives of the project:
  1. Increase the level of tolerance among 40 youth regarding the Rroma minority by non-formal methods and tools;
  2. Promote the culture of Rroma in Europe by creating a dream Rroma village, a non-formal museum of Rroma and a multicultural event;
  3. Include Rroma by involving 16 Rroma participants in the youth exchange.

Rroma HeArt is implemented with the financial support of the European Union through Erasmus+ program. We will cover from the project budget, the following costs:
- Food, accommodation and activities (100%);
- Transport costs will be reimbursed on a lump sum basis:

  • up to 275 euro for Estonian, Turkish, Italian, Slovenian, Cypriot, Greek partners,
  • up to 360 euro for Spanish partner. 

There is no participation fee to attend this youth exchange. Also our NA doesn’t agree with the fees paid by the participants to the sending organisations.