It’s EUr time! 7 countries, 42 participants, 1 goal

Asap Europe, an NGO based in Fasano, Italy, has organised an Erasmus+ youth exchange covering the issues of active citizenship and youth participation. The project named “Ci Piace” gathered 42 participants from Italy, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece for the period of one week.

The participants explored the topic with the methodology of non-formal learning. The issues were tackled interactively through group-work and entertaining sessions, including role-playing, theatre, posters, drawing, video creation and more. One of the goals was to reflect on our role in the society and how we can engage better within it.  As part of the activities the members of the project got the chance to attend a meeting with the city mayor and a representative of the city council. It allowed them to get an insight into the issues that are discouraging Fasano’s youngsters to engage actively in their community.

At the end of the project the participants ran a campaign to promote active citizenship and youth participation. In front of the municipality of Fasano, the international youth surprised the local community with a flash mob to gain visibility and introduce the project’s topics to a wider public. Afterwards the participants were ready to reply to the questions of the local youth, to share their experience within the Erasmus Plus and encourage them to be better informed and engaged citizens in their daily life.

SUPER TINERI team was represented by Constantin Cristinel Păiuș (leader), Crina Elena Acatrinei, Ionela Diana Bălăceanu, Florin Păduraru, Andreea Botezatu and Elena-Mădălina Prepeliţa.


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