Fourth month as Volunteer in Romania

The new year arrived and I am reflecting about everything I did in the previous year, on all the learning achievements and I am defining all the things I want to do this year. I try to organise my mind and my time, so I will learn as much as possible and I rely as always, on the help of my mentor Dragoş, Mihaela, the coordinator of my EVS project, and of course, on the help of Alin, my Romanian teacher, who I say sorry cause I still can't pronounce correct ă and â.

January was the month of organising and planning the projects of the year, so before doing that I did a fast journey to Cluj Napoca. I visited the city center, museums, and Salina Turda, a place that was used to export salt. I sailed with a small boat inside that place and it was so captivating to be inside the earth in the dark with my boat and just to row!

After charging my batteries I returned to my base, in Tîrgu Frumos and we started to organise the projects that we will do at the youth center with the other volunteers. With the help of Mihaela, we wrote a project called "Green Choice". It is a youth exchange focused on unemployed young people and we would like to inspire them to become green entrepreneurs.

At the end of the week, we had a meeting at the youth center with some local constructors to discuss some changes we want to do at the youth center and about the youth hostel that we want to create in our town.

We also visited Cucuteni and we discussed with an architect about cooperation to create a hobbit house in our land. How interesting this house will be for a project there!

At 22 of January, I started my vacation. I went to Greece for 2 weeks. But before that, we visited the painter in Bălţaţi and we saw a wonderful painting he finished. It was a painting with a part of Rroma life. Actually, we started this painting all together at Rroma HeArt project of August. 

After almost one and a half day traveling on the bus, I finally arrived at my hometown, Patras. It was the first time in my life when I was away that long from my home, almost four months. I was so anxious to gather as many as possible information about creating my organisation in my hometown. I discovered that it is very different to create an organisation in Greece than in Romania, and to be honest, a bit harder. But I have it on my mind, I want to do it and I will do it.

This was my January. See you next month!

By Nikolia Papadopoulou 

As you may know, we are hosting at the moment our first EVS volunteer, Nikolia, from Greece. She will spend 12 months with us, helping to develop our youth center and create a more active community by volunteering! Each month our volunteer, Nikolia Papadopoulou will share her experience in Romania through a small report. 

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