Nine months of volunteering in Romania

And the summer came in Romania. June started with a lot of activities in our youth center and in other places near by. We had a lot of fun, we learnt a lot and we made new friends. After my mid-term evaluation, I had last months in Braşov, I realize  that this trip is about to end, I am at my 9th month of my EVS and I try to make every moment to count.

At the beginning of the month we helped in an event in a castle near by, Miclăuşeni. We did a lot of activities for children like face painting or games. Ştefana (a local volunteer in our youth center) and me, we did together cotton candy. We worked for almost 8 hours non-stop but we didn't want to stop because we had so much fun.

We also continue the activities at the youth center. Every day we did different workshop, dancing, crafting, painting and music. To promote our activities we did some of them in Petru Rareş school. We presented our workshops for the students and they were free to decide in which workshop they could participate. A lot of students participated during the workshops and then they continued coming to the youth center and they became volunteers.

This month I also feel I did a lot of progress with the level of Romanian language. I almost finished my online course that were provided for my project and we did also Romanian language courses at our youth center.

During the month we did cultural events in our youth center. Everyday we presented our countries through games and photos. Some of the volunteers also cooked some traditional food from their countries. We did presentations for Greece, Mexico, Italy, Sardinia, Belgium and Reunion Islands.

We had the opportunity to taste traditional cold pasta and bananas on fire and also some desserts with Belgium chocolate. To be honest it was the first time for me and also for a lot of our volunteers to hear about Reunion Islands. After the presentation I added another country on my list of "Countries I want to visit".

With our coordinator, Mihaela, and Sabina - our international volunteer from Belgium, we cooperated to make a brochure about multiple intelligence. With Mihaela we wrote the methods and Sabina did the drawings. It was like a dairy for me this brochure because I remembered all the activities we had done during these nine months but we had to put a few of them. Unfortunately I wasn't at the presentation of the brochure at Varlaam Mitropolitul school but the other volunteers told me that is was pretty success. And I felt proud about our cooperation.

From the highlights of the month was a journalism workshop we had at our youth center. We learned how to present a story and how to make the correct questions so we can find the truth in a story. Also another highlight was the coopeartion I had with Larisa at Trinitas school. Larisa is a very important part of our youth center. She is doing volunteering for many years, she is helping us with our English but the most important is that she is a friend for us. So now we want to write together some projects for the association and the school we cooperate. I hope we will succeed at it!

The month ended with a bad experience for me. Because of a health problem I faced, I had to return to Greece to do some tests and to treat myself. But everything went good. It is really good the fact that during the EVS we have Cigna Insurance that covers us if we have medical problems.

So these are all the things I learnt during my ninth month of my EVS here in Romania. I am looking forward for the activities of the next months. I will give you some spoilers. We will have a lot of trips as our coordinator, Mihaela, told us, as were invited by some villages to do activities there and to promote more Erasmus+ and the opportunities we can have thorough it.

By Nikolia Papadopoulou  


As you may know, we are hosting at the moment our first EVS volunteer, Nikolia, from Greece. She will spend 12 months with us, helping to develop our youth center and create a more active community by volunteering! Each month our volunteer, Nikolia Papadopoulou will share her experience in Romania through a small report.

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