Volunteers in quarantine

I find myself in Târgu Frumos, a small city in Romania. I’m here with other three volunteers through the European Solidarity Corps programme and we will stay in Târgu Frumos until the month of October. As a lot of people, after the COVID-19 outbreak, 3 weeks ago we started the quarantine. We are not allowed to work in the city’s youth center and in the schools, so we spend all the day at home and in the garden; day by day, the quarantine has become a good chance to take time for ourselves, to do things we usually have few time to do and to invent a new ways to organise workshops and projects.

We started to do different activities like gardening, drawing, singing or shooting workshops about health recipes, drawing and crafting; in order to publish them and stay in contact with the community.

I like to describe with images what I see, trough photography we can make memories and we can learn something. 

During these days I started to document with my camera the day routine: activities, objects, gestures, landscapes… with the aim of telling through them about us, about our passions and what we do. Shooting these photos has been for me a way to look to the everyday life in a different way, to try take a new look on simple things and to learn something. 

I think it would be interesting to make a collection of photos from this quarantine weeks, taken from different parts of the world.

Article and photos by Eliana Colzani

Arts Lab 2.0 is a project funded by European Solidarity Corps, with the support of European Union. 


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