New project approved! Join Us in Slovenia

We are happy to inform you that the follow-up project 'Join Us', developed and coordinated by our Slovenian partner, Društvo Kreativne Mladine, got approved. At the moment, the planned dates are in October, but the date is not fixed yet as we must see how the Covid-19 will evolve in the next period. For now we invite you to check the project details and if you want to attend it, fill in this form.

What do you want to achieve by implementing the project? What are the objectives of your project?

Our project seeks to make young people aware of the noble aspects of volunteering. At the same time, we wish to underline the benefits of volunteering for young people. Through volunteering, we strengthen our competences and further develop ourselves. In addition, volunteering uncovers what it really means to be human and what it means to receive help when one really needs it. Those who do good are rewarded, it is often said. This is also why we wish contribute to more young people deciding to do and advance good. With the #JoinUs project, we have added a touch of art to the volunteering  and the free expression of young people and we want the project to become an example of good practice in the international environment. Our project aims to reach numerous young people and contribute to their active inclusion into their local environments and their active participation at the European level through their involvement in international projects. At the same time, our project seeks to inspire other similar projects across Europe. Volunteering is a selfless endeavor that is making the world a better place and help us develop our self-esteem. We wish to spread best practices from selected countries with all young people that we will be able to reach through our activities and dissemination.

The main goals of our project are: to familiarize participants with the concept of volunteering and its impact on local environment, to come to know volunteering and good volunteering practices from partnering countries, youth and volunteering work, to bring volunteering closer to young participants and develop their personal competences, develop their self-esteem and confidence, to get to know vulnerable groups through volunteering as well as minorities of Pomurje, who we will visit and help through volunteering. The project and its planned activities with the assistance of our coordinator Marko and Romanian partner organisation also seeks to encourage young participants to get involved in the European activities.

What activities do you plan to implement? What is the number and profile of the participants involved?

In our project, we want to carry out a youth exchange with the title "#JoinUs", where we connected young people from Slovenia, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Germany and Estonia. The youth exchange will take place in Pomurje region, in or near Murska Sobota. Murska Sobota boasts the first inter-generational house based on voluntary organization and is also a city friendly to volunteering. The project involves young people between 16 and 30 years old, and some group leaders are over 30 years of age. From each country we included 2 participants with fewer opportunities. Participants face geographical, financial, economic, educational, social barriers and cultural differences.

Our activities involve learning about volunteering work through practical examples and art. By connecting with the local environment, we have created activities that will have a positive impact on young participants and the environment itself. We have gathered 41 young participants from different backgrounds and with different views on the topic.

What results and impact do you expect your project to have?

The expected effects are primarily that young people develop their personal competencies and build on their self-esteem. At the same time, we want to encourage young people to more actively participate in volunteering and art. The young people who are writing the project have been committed to spreading the voice of unselfish mutual help.

Through youth exchange, we want to support the active participation of young people in such projects. We want to offer young people as many new experiences as possible and show them how to show interest in such projects. In particular, young people with social barriers and young people with geographical handicaps want to offer the possibility of integration and acceptance into society. The groups of participants will strive for the dissemination of results after the completion of the youth exchange, and with the project "#JoinUs", the importance of volunteering work in the local environment from where we come from.

Through our Facebook page, Creative Youth Association we will remain active and inform young people about good volunteering practices from the participating countries and about our dissemination, which we will prepare. Our target group will be primarily our friends, the young people from the local environment from where we come to whom we will try to bring our volunteering and good practices through our social networks. Above all, we show them what we managed to do in 10 days. If we succeed in making everything that was written in 10 days, then we can convince other young people from the local environment to devote volunteer work at least 1 hour per week.

Through youth exchange and the project itself, we want to encourage active citizenship, active participation in various international projects within the ERASMUS + program, we want to stimulate active cooperation in the field of youth and raising awareness of youth work. We want to encourage young people to be and be heard.

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