Arts Lab report: The monumental silence of everything

This is my first month in Romania, before arriving in this country I had expectations of knowing the most beautiful places and sharing a lot of art with my new colleagues.

The first week in Romania I have shared with Hanul and Mihaela very valuable time in the youth center, where we learned what our roles were and the things we had to do during volunteering.

The second week, with the entire team of volunteers at home, we started to plan art workshops for the youth. I met my mentor Nikolia and Zaharias who is a love! We also learned about the importance of volunteering and we got to know new places in Târgu Frumos.

The third week we were told that we could not leave home due to the contagion of covid 19 and since then we have been here at home all together doing daily activities. We have created a small garden with the experience of Deniz and we have made videos with the talent of Hanul. We have also done photography sessions with Eliana's super eye. These are days of not knowing what will happen to the world, but I hope that everything will go well. Now our Romanian classes are online, and our mentor contacts us via Skype.

This is the fourth week in Romania and the second week at home without being able to leave, from where I write. I could say that my expectations of getting to know Romania and the most beautiful places were not accomplished, but it is not true. I met something very beautiful, seeing from my window every sunset and seeing the whole town bathed in light, in the distance its churches and architecture, the monumental silence of everything. I greet the neighbors and with a smile I try to speak to them or just make them to look at us to see if someone dares to say a word.

Now it is a difficult time for the world due to the outbreak of the new virus and everything is stopped, but we have not stopped. We have moved on, planning and developing projects so that when we can go out to contribute to this place.

Written by Omar Franco 

Omar is a volunteer in Arts Lab 2.0, a project funded by European Solidarity Corps, with the support of European Union.