People of Arts Lab: Hanul Choi

Volunteering, learning and filming
I joined this volunteering project because I was in a point where I had to start looking for a job after a late graduation from my film degree. I always wanted to work in film industry to reach my objective of becoming a film director. However, a filmmaker once said that the best filmmakers are the ones who has learned lots of life lessons, not someone who has a lot of knowledge or just talented. Until now I have been someone who barely ever got out of my comfort zone: I lived in Madrid since the day I was born and never got to live in a different place independently, away from my parents helpful hand. My passionate side has always been telling me: “Dude, you’ve got to get out to the world. You stay here too long and you are going to end up scared for the rest of your short life.

For that reason I took a 4 hour flight to a country that I previously had no intention of going and took a train to the small town of Târgu Frumos. It started off well but the damn global pandemic caught on and interfered the main schedule of the solidarity project. I came here with so much motivation that by the second week of the quarantine I felt grumpy. Ah well, I guess this is my first life lesson that I am going to learn in this quiet town. 

So far I learned to get along with my colleagues in sharing resources, planning indoor projects and enjoying our time together to overcome boredom and anxiety. As every wise people say: life is a continuous lesson where we learn a new thing everyday. I hope the day the pandemic ends comes soon. Until then, I’ll be constantly seeking a way to not let boredom dominate me and enhance my film-making skills.

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Arts Lab 2.0 is a project funded by European Solidarity Corps, with the support of European Union.