People of Arts Lab: Omar Franco

I was born in a small city in central Peru. My mother had to wait a whole night of pain until I was born, on November 29. That day up in the sky the constellation of the crux could be seen that can only be seen in the south of the planet. 

During my childhood I discovered music by the cassettes of Michael Jackson and the Beatles. The first color I remember is green and my first love was at 6 years old. I was escaping from school to eat my snack with my grandfather in a park. 

In my adolescence I dedicated myself to extraterrestrial life, I found friends. Later, my will has been visiting new places. I learned to play the guitar and became member of the symphony orchestra of my city and I listen to Beethoven's music. I participated in events related to music, theater, art in my city and I was happy. My higher studies were journalism, marketing and audiovisuals. I discovered cinema. Finally I decided to go out and see the world and start traveling through South America, but that is another story. 

I was living in Madrid, collaborating with an artist in different fields such as photography, cinema, theater, music and painting and I am started a musical personal project. Now I am Romania where I am sharing experience with other artists. 

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