Arts Lab Report: Exploring Romania

August was a month full of travels and visits to new places! 

Together with local volunteers we started to go to the nearby villages to try our workshops with local children and teenagers. The first place we visited was Butea, there we stayed in the local school for the workshops, than we had the opportunity to meet  and document the work of some local artists for the Folcloristica festival. 

It was very interesting to know them and to learn about their music and their art. They showed us a room of their house which was decorated according to tradition, with hand-made clothes and they sang and dance some traditional songs. I really like to meet passionate artists who showed us their work and thanks to them I can say I learnt something new about the art and music in Romania.

During all the month, in addition to the other activities, I continued the photography and crafting workshops in the youth center with local volunteers and I thought them how to make jewellery with wires. 

August was also a month full of meetings with other European volunteers who are working in Romania. By traveling in the country I had the possibility to meet people, share my experience, learn more about other projects and visit cities and mountain places. 

Getting to know new places has been surprising, I could see how the city, the architecture and the art change from place to place, from a region to another. I think Romania is a country rich of art and places to see that unfortunately are usually not well known.

Written by Eliana Colzani

Eliana is European volunteer for 8 months, in Arts Lab 2.0 project,  funded by European Solidarity Corps, with the support of European Union.


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