Mountain wonders IV - call for participants, Hautes Alpes, France

 Căutăm 8 tineri cu vârsta cuprinsă între 18 - 30 de ani, care doresc să participe la un schimb de tineri de 14 zile, finanțat de programul Erasmus Plus, în Franța. Pentru înscriere, vă rugăm să completați acest formular: pe baza căruia o să vă contactăm. Termenul limită de înscriere este 1 octombrie 2020. Asociația noastră nu percepe niciun fel de taxe de trimitere, singurul cost ce trebuie acoperit, fiind decontat ulterior pe baza biletelor, este costul cu transportul. Mai jos sunt detalii despre mobilitate, transmise de partenerul francez. 


European Adults Youth Exchange - From October 11th to 31st 2020


In the heart of the Hautes Alpes, our association “Les Villages des Jeunes” has been managing, livening up and renovating the reception centre of the Faï since 1990. It is a former agriculture domain situated at an altitude of 1000 meters where fruit trees and lavender used to be cultivated. Although our actual project is rather “social” than “environmental”, we want to optimise the natural ressources of the site, process our products and raise awareness about the added value of such activities in very rural places. The youth exchange will be the opportunity to share this activity with other young people and reinforce links with the local farmers.

1/ Reflection about local food systems and the revitalization of rural areas:
This exchange will be the chance to have discussions with the local population and within the group about the importance of local processing, its role in the rural economy and in social systems. Together they will exchange about different initiatives from their countries, supporting rural and mountainous areas.

2/ Practice and learn about food processing techniques
The group will not only visit local producers and discover small-scale food processing places, but also experiment several processing techniques during workshops that will be the heart of the program: food cans, dried plants, jams, juices, distillation… These workshops will be enriched by interventions of professional producers and also local people who kept the traditional knowledge of processing and who wish to share it with European youth.

3) Organization of a festival to celebrate “locally processed products”
To shed light on their productions and on the local farmers products, the participants are offered to organize a “Wonder Market”, to prepare workshops for the visitors, and to organize the different aspects of such an event (communication, program, logistics...)

At le Faï, from April to December, the association organizes inclusion projects for local people who are faced with social and professional difficulties and host teenagers and young adults experiencing family, health or professional difficulties in order to give them a possibility to get professional experience. In the summer, the Faï is also a place where professional artists and musicians come to work in and with this extraordinary place. Together, they create and perform at the yearly festivals that take place at the Faï. The European youth exchanges organized at the Faï contribute to make this place something “extra”, where people in different ages, from different countries and cultures, employees and volunteers, artists and tourists, live and work together for some days or several months.
The youth exchange will be led by our long term volunteers and permanent staff, with the help of the group leaders.

The Farm of the Faï is 3km from the village of Saix, 30 km from the city of Gap, 200km from Marseilles (and more than 2 hours from the sea side…)

The old buildings of le Faï farm have been developed into small apartments and group accommodations. participants will be accommodated in bedrooms of 3 to 6 people and will have at their disposal all the facilities of the center (dining room, kitchen, showers and toilets).

For the duration of the exchange the group will live autonomously. The daily tasks (meals, cleaning etc) are shared by all volunteers.

Participants should be aged 18 to 30. There is no age limit for group leaders. The group will be composed of 10 persons from 2 different nationalities. Each group is composed of 8 participants and 2 leaders.
No specific skills are required to take part in this project, just a strong motivation to experience a multicultural collective life and work together on the preparation of a local event.
Participants having experience in this field and willing to share their knowledge are welcome!

Financial conditions:
- Travel costs will be covered based on the unit costs of the program (Romania 275 euro)
- 100% housing and food covered

All the travel costs will be reimbursed the earliest 3 months after the end of the youth exchange. Please note that the process of reimbursement will be carried out directly with the applicant organizations and not with you. We kindly remind all participants to keep the original tickets.


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