Changemaker: Daria Anamaria Liță - No Work, just Fun!

Project Title: No Work, just Fun!

Changemaker Daria Anamaria Liță

Message for the world: It's not so hard, you have to trust yourself, you have to keep dreaming and ask for help!

1. Previous experience:

No,  I don't have previous experience. 

2. The Problem:

Working-exploited children are not only deprived of an adequate wage but of their childhood and have to become adults in advance through the hard work they are subjected to. The conditions under which they live are harmful to their health, but also to their physical and intellectual development, preventing them from having time to play or even go to school.

I see many children around me struggling, with low self-confidence and healthy beliefs. The children must learn that they deserve much more and they can overcome all their problems by making their life more fun, without interfering in the relationship with their parents.

3. The Solution: 

I want to organize a meeting with 10 children that are exploited by doing domestic work. During the meeting, we will discuss how the situation can be improved and I will facilitate different games to increase the awareness of how much potential lies inside them. The participants will ask and answer different questions, sharing their life experiences and their feelings. Through various games I will try to inspire them to try that from heavy and boring work, to do something fun and interesting.

In the end, I want to present examples of actors, footballers, singers, who have worked since they were small and did not have beautiful childhoods but who were brave enough to chase their dreams.

4. Beneficiaries:

10 children from Târgu Frumos and surroundings villages.

5. Team:  

Three of my friends will help me organize the workshop.

6. Objective:

My project aims to raise awareness among 10 children, about their right against child labor, by organizing a workshop to inspire them to believe in their potential, where they will explore fun ways to cope with the problem and will learn about other children experiences.

7. Project duration:  

2 month (March - April 2021)


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