Changemaker: Ioana Cătălina Eșanu - The need for value in children’s lives

Project Title: The need for value in children’s lives

Changemaker Ioana Cătălina Eșanu

Message for the world: Together we can change the world

1. Previous experience:

It is my first project.  

2. The Problem: 

In my community, I have noticed that many children do not have self-esteem and make choices based on the opinions of others and not based on what they really want or like. I consider that those who are most affected by this problem are the 8th-grade students because they often choose a specialization in high school that does not suit them. In the commune I belong to, I met students who went in the wrong direction, who chose the wrong profile, and along the way realized that they did not make the right choice.

3. The Solution:

In order to contribute to solving the problem, I want to organize a workshop about the “Career Orientation” topic with the 8th-grade students from the villages of Ceplenița commune, Iași county. During the workshop, the participants will take a career orientation survey, that will help them to find the values that represent them the most. Based on the results, the students will have more clear in mind what profile would be suitable for them. Besides a presentation of all the high-school specializations, I also want to do some games and knowledge activities through which the students will have to recognize certain trades and match them to their personal profiles. In addition, I will organize a q&a session where the participants can ask any questions and I will do a small evaluation about all the work done so far.

4. Beneficiaries:

15  young people, 8th-grade students.

5. Team:  

I will need two young volunteers to help me on the planning and going to school.

6. Objective:

I want to support 15 children to choose their career path by organizing a career-orientation workshop. 

7. Project duration:  

2 month (April - May 2021)


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