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A lot of little people, from a lot of little places, making a lot of little things, can change the world.

A lot of little people, from a lot of little places, making a lot of little things, can change the world.   Eduardo Galiano   Over 45 young people from all across Europe gathered this week in Târgu Frumos to learn from the crafters and workers that make this place special. We got to discover and be inspired by the welcoming local communities and we would love to invite you to our take on the recycling matter. Over the course of the week, we worked as groups to build recycled plastic items, inspired by your lifestyles. From jewelry to decoration, the five teams are so proud to share their work with you. The goal of our project is to inspire a new way of living, more conscious and aware of the limits of consuming plastic. Instead of buying, what if we reuse? Instead of throwing things away, what if we transform them? You get back more than you think from making efforts for this planet. The benefits of our project will be integrally used to fund a device that measures the air quality here

Craftastic: Plastic in NOT Fantastic!

Nowadays, people are becoming more and more sensitive and aware when it comes to environmental issues. The planet is dying and the best way to deal with it is to discuss and become active in any possible way.  Through Craftastic project we have managed to learn how to reduce our environmental impact and some ways to reuse our plastic waste. We are giving new lives to used products and create something beautiful.  This is why we are organising an event called Craftastic: Plastic is not fantastic , on Thursday at 7 pm to 9 pm , on Esplanada Târgu Frumos. During this event 45 people from all around the Europe will work together to raise awareness about plastic pollution. This it is an amazing experience and  we felt the need to share it with other people via our own creations.  We will be exhibiting our unique and eco-friendly products. People will have the opportunity to admire and invest in them. The funds raised by this activity are going to be used for a donation to the local communit

Arts Lab 3.0: Krista Lipska - First month in Romania

Hello, everyone! My name is Krista and I arrived in Romania from Latvia on 18th June. My adventures here started a bit more different than I was expecting, because during the time when I needed to explore Târgu Frumos, meet local kids and youngsters, I was actually getting to know local doctors. And one thing I can add is that I got really happy for meeting doctors and nurses who speak English, so there were no issues explaining what kind of medical help I need, I definitely was satisfied with medical care quality and attitude in Iași hospital and ER in Târgu Frumos. Approximately after a week I was more ready to hop in right adventures and started getting to know more and more local volunteers, children and the structure how everything is being planned in here. I was amazed how much local teenagers are interested in planning and hosting events by themselves as well about the variety of their interests. Pleasant surprise as well appeared when I saw that kids are enjoying a lot playing